COVID-19 Crisis Command Center

Responding to COVID-19 requires rapid and distributed decision-making. The Domo COVID-19 Crisis Command Center integrates multiple data sources and delivers real-time insights on key metrics.

Get your state back to work with real-time data on COVID-19 status in your state, collaboration on key insights, and immediate action to shorten the path to recovery.

Get your state back in action.

COVID-19 Crisis Response Service

Learn how you can combine the Crisis Command Center with technology and processes to implement widespread and accessible testing, first-of-its-kind test analysis, and tracking to help stem the spread of disease.

See how Utah is crushing the curve.

See how the state of Utah has successfully implemented the COVID-19 Crisis Response Service to gather critical data, track the spread of the virus, dramatically increase testing throughput, and ultimately put data in leaders' hands to help them make critical decisions in these critical times.

Create an accurate and unified view of the situation.

Combine disparate data sources from the Department of Health, Department of Transportation, and Technology Services with private sector data sources including hospital and retail stores’ data.

Track the metrics that matter.

Monitor and take action on critical components of your region’s COVID-19 situation with key measures that include:

  • Testing Capacity
  • Testing Processing Time
  • Positive Identification Efficiency
  • Infected People in the Population
  • Regular Hospital Bed Utilization
  • Quarantine and Isolation Bed Utilization
  • ICU Bed Utilization
  • Transmission Rate Proxy
  • Infected Entrant Risk

Take action on key findings.

Understand, collaborate, and take action on findings.

  • Manage transportation entry points to reduce the risk of infected individuals entering the region
  • Increase testing capacity to meet the demands for state-led testing strategies
  • Trace efforts to track and manage the contact and quarantine with individuals who have come into contact with COVID-19
  • Monitor medical supply inventory and management to ensure availability of PPE and medical supplies

Distribute insights instantly.

Empower citizens, healthcare providers, and businesses to stop the spread of the virus and support the economy. With a mobile-first experience, everyone from the government to those on the front lines can have accurate, real-time data to make better decisions—anytime, anywhere.

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