/ 33 (more) reasons to register for Domopalooza 2021

While Domopalooza 2021 will technically only last one day, the free virtual event will provide ample opportunity for attendees to consume content well past the final session on March 24.  

In addition to all the roundtables and workshops on the agenda, Domo’s marketing team has produced 33 easy-to-consume “spotlight videos,” most of which feature customers who are leveraging The Business Cloud to unlock the value of data throughout their business and ecosystem and gain a greater competitive advantage. 

These organizations are at the frontlines of modern BI for all, and their leaders are not afraid to share how they’re pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo, especially in this new, post-COVID world. 

Take, for instance, the executives and directors at Regional One Health, the oldest hospital in Tennessee and the subject of this spotlight video that highlights the power of bringing data to the forefront of healthcare: 

As the video makes clear, Regional One Health faced lots of challenges on its quest to transform the entire organization in order to become a premier healthcare system. But they overcame them all by involving everyone in the process, which resulted in a dramatic culture shift related to data.

“It’s one thing to think you’re doing a good job,” said Dr. Kito Lord, Director of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Regional One Health, “but it’s another thing to measure it.”

In the video, Lord is joined by Regional One’s CEO and members of its analytics team in painting a picture of what modern BI for all can do for a business, especially one in a complex and high-pressure industry.

They do so by discussing the steps they’ve taken over the last three years to get to where they wanted to go, as well as the role Domo has played in the momentous journey, which has included the discovery and development of a solution that will help other healthcare organizations, as well.  
To ensure you have access to any of the other 32 spotlight videos slated to be rolled out on the 24th, register for Domopalooza 2021 now. To find details on the various breakout sessions scheduled, check out the agenda.

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