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When Domopalooza 2022 kicks off March 23, there will be a lot of talk around the importance of moving data beyond the dashboard to drive business outcomes. You’ll also hear from Domo partners on how they are moving on this trend to deliver new value to their customers.

The reason is simple: Organizations of all sizes need to move faster than ever before, but many are still operating in low gear—or even stuck in neutral—because they’re not leveraging data as effectively as they could be.

This presents a big opportunity for professional services orgs (PSOs) that have lots of data and the expertise to use Domo to help their customers and partners operate and compete more effectively.

You’ll see at Domopalooza examples of firms that are building new solutions to extend intelligent insights to their customers. Such solutions put data to work in ways that truly meet specific business needs.

Just ask the likes of Grant Thornton, RXA, and Moss Adams—organizations that are not only using Domo to help their customers better navigate today’s ever-changing business climate but are also leading sessions on the topic at #DP22.

What can you expect to hear from each of them? Here’s a taste, based on interviews we conducted with some of their most data-savvy leaders.

Grant Thornton LLP

Grant Thornton LLP is one of the largest accounting and advisory organizations in the world and an expert in solving any number and manner of finance- and tax-related pain points for its corporate customers.

Grant Thornton is using Domo to extend the value of that expertise to provide its customers with even more value-added services.

“With Domo, we’ve been able to transform how our clients work within their tax departments,” said Mark Drenka, Senior Manager, Data Transformation & Analytics at Grant Thornton. “The solutions we develop for them save time, remove inefficiencies, and eliminate a lot of manual work.”

The tools Grant Thornton offers aren’t “overly complex or scary to use either,” Drenka said, because Domo’s pre-built connectors do a lot of the heavy lifting, and the data transformation mechanism features an extra, personalized layer of muscle.

“You’re basically dragging and dropping items onto a canvas,” he added, “and that canvas becomes a fully automated trail.”

Tune into the Domopalooza session Using Domo to Share Data Enriched with Value-Added Insights to see just how easy it is for Grant Thornton to help clients connect, transform, visualize, and take action on data.


Years ago, this leading applied artificial intelligence and data science company went looking for a BI platform on which it could build applications that would allow business leaders to make smarter, faster decisions. When RXA’s CEO, Jason Harper, discovered Domo, he knew his organization’s search was over.

“Unlike other BI platforms we looked at, Domo has the full stack,” Harper said. “It allows for the customizations we need.”

The ability to quickly tailor solutions to better help customers has made RXA one of ESPN’s most vital partners. The sports media behemoth can now tap into customer sentiment and customer behavior in ways it never could before, which has led to a record-high, customer-satisfaction rating.

“I say this all the time: With Domo, you get the speed of an off-the-shelf solution but the feeling of a fully customized piece of software,” Harper said. “Having that kind of flexibility is one of the things that large organizations like ESPN really benefit from.”

Watch the Domopalooza session How ESPN Used Domo’s Intelligent Apps to Increase Customer Satisfaction to learn more about the value RXA is bringing to a brand that is constantly striving to remain the worldwide leader in sports.

Moss Adams

For more than a century, Moss Adams has been offering knowledgeable commentary on a broad spectrum of accounting, tax, finance, and business operations issues. It boasts more than 3,400 professionals across the West and beyond, and works with many of the world’s most innovative companies.

One of those companies is a food-and-beverage enterprise that recently asked Moss Adams to help it get a better handle on the impact inflation was having on its business.

“We plugged into the Consumer Price Index (CPI) API, pulled in some other metrics based on costs of metal—because they make bottle caps—and that enabled them to make some decisions around the impact inflation was having on their raw material costs and what it might do for product margins down the road,” said K.C. Fike, Senior Manager, Enterprise Systems Consulting at Moss Adams. “It was huge.”

Just as big, though: being able to build out proof of concepts (POCs) quickly, with all the capabilities the customer could want or need.

“Clients and potential customers like to get a true taste, a real-life example, rather than just dummy data or dummy cards,” Fike said. “Domo excels in that area, as well. It’s such a robust and flexible platform. When we engage with a potential customer, it’s, ‘Let’s figure out what your challenges are, what you’re trying to overcome, whether it’s big or small, and then let’s create a “to-be” model that makes your life so much easier.’”

Attend the Domopalooza session Supercharge Your Financial Metrics with Domo to gain deeper insight into how Moss Adams has become an even greater asset to its customers.

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