/ 3 apps that should be part of every reopening plan

While some people are just now returning to work, others have had people in their facilities for some time, either because they were essential or because their counties never went through extended shutdowns.

The real devils, as noted in previous posts that summarize sections of Domo’s guide on how to safely reopen the workplace, are in the “back to work” details.

Who’s coming back, and in what order? How do those individuals affect the business model? How is the company—and the timing of specific employees’ returns—impacted by slowdowns in supply chains? What is the mix of jobs needed to complete key projects?

After all, working from home might make it simpler for many workers to complete their work, but it doesn’t necessarily make it easier for managers to complete the projects that advance larger company initiatives.

We know that employee wellness and safety is not at odds with business continuity. To achieve both requires a combination of executive commitment, employee buy-in, and technological infrastructure. And pulling all of that together requires data.

How do we get the data we need? There are apps for that, and they power Domo’s Get Back To Work solution.

Temperature Scanning App

Employees and guests can sign in through the app and plug in their information to streamline the scanning process.

Companies can configure questions for each category of person scanned, to make sure the right data is being collected on the right groups.

If a temperature scan reads too hot, or answers to the questions trigger an alert, the app provides direct instructions to reduce ambiguity and encourage safe next steps.

This data can then be sent to an integrated dashboard, updated in real-time, to provide status updates and insights for each work location.

Contact Tracing App

This app focuses on incidents of employees with high temperatures and other symptoms—not just positive test results.

As employees scan in, records of when, where, and who they interacted are stored to recreate the contact list in case of a problem. In the event of an incident, real-time information can be visualized and acted upon as quickly as possible.

It’s also paramount that you broadcast a message to every individual on the contact trace list. That way, employees have the confidence that if something were to happen, they would be contacted immediately and correctly.

Safe Worker App

If the Contact Tracing and Temperature Scanning apps provide the essentials, the Safe Worker App supplies the confidence.

Employees want to feel that their employer is being responsible, that their peers are going through the same entrance requirements and procedures, and that the organization as a whole is working towards the common goal of a safe and productive place to work.

The Safe Worker App is where notifications can be delivered, dealing with everything from power outages to outbreaks, and communicating that all is clear and clean and ready to go.

For employers, the Safe Worker App is also a way to have insight into the distribution of employees, and the questions for the pre-entrance questionnaire are configurable according to the specific needs and contexts of any workplace location.

At the same time, the app maintains privacy. Employees can feel comfortable answering questions knowing that while those answers might determine if they are badged for entry, their specific answers are not shared with their employers. That helps to build trust.

To learn more about Domo’s Get Back To Work solution, including the piece that brings it all together—the Command Center—download How to Safely Reopen the Workplace now.

To participate in thoughtful discussions on the future of work, including best practices for reopening and strategies to keep employees healthy and safe in a post-COVID world, join one of Domo’s upcoming virtual workshops.

BLOGGER’S NOTE: Portions of this post were taken directly from the guide, which was written by Ken Rufo, a Seattle-area PhD-holder and freelancer whose work has appeared in a variety of academic journals.

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