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Transform your complex data into AI-powered insights

AI is only as powerful as the data connected to it. We happen to have the most end-to-end connected data stack in the world, opening up numerous possibilities with workflows, alert-based actions, and automated apps. And like all things at Domo, Domo.AI is built to deliver flexibility, security, and business value.

Domo.AI is a suite of AI tools that empower users with chat-style data exploration. It also, and provides flexible model creation, efficient model management, seamless deployment, and superior governance and security at scale.

AI Model Management

Manage your own models on a serverless basis, integrate them with existing machine learning (ML) infrastructures, or point them to other API services.

AI Service Layer

Empower everyone with a trusted, flexible AI framework built to simplify and streamline data exploration. The AI Service Layer, gives them access to AI services via dashboards, apps, and workflows.

Jupyter Workspaces

Gain enhanced development flexibility with a Jupyter integration for model creation and deployment.


Accelerate model development and enable everyone with ML insights through visualizations and data apps.

Scripting Tiles

Write custom R or Python algorithms that can be implemented directly into DataFlows, and create complex data science analyses that run every time your data updates.

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