Domo for BI

Serve the business with unbelievable speed, agility, and scale.

Domo uniquely helps you turn dark data into actionable data and turn visualizations into business-wide applications.

Deliver insights in minutes.

With Domo, you can deliver high-quality data insights in less time than ever before.

BI-critical processes that took weeks, months, or more can now be done on the fly, in minutes or seconds.

Connect to any data source: in the cloud, on-prem, or a hybrid between on-prem and cloud, public or private. Learn more

Deliver instant mobile access, anytime, anywhere.

Domo connected to our legacy data system within four or five minutes. They can really walk the talk.

Chief Innovation Officer

When the metrics are telling us something is wrong or something is going well, we can identify and act on it very quickly. Our data is delivered to us in a very automated, easily consumable way.

Director of Business Intelligence

Get more from your BI team.

Wow customers with high-leverage BI that delivers career-making results in record time.

Get more team leverage and serve the business even with a lean BI team.

Spend less time wrangling data and managing reporting requests, and more time on value-added work, including data science.

Empower the business with self-service business intelligence dashboards that are orders of magnitude easier to use.

We built an executive dashboard that provides a central view into the entire organization and we use it as a meeting agenda for our weekly meetings to walk through business KPIs.

Nick Peterson | Director of Financial Planning

Domo shifted our reporting from a highly-siloed structure to one built upon interdepartmental collaboration and trust.

Nicholas Hughes | Associate Director, Revenue Analytics

Provide new insights.

Data that was previously dark and inaccessible is made actionable and accessible to the business.

Domo’s robust data pipeline and built-in ETL empowers BI teams to control their own infrastructure. Learn more

Get access to data while still maintaining engineering rigor and compliance.

Turn data visualizations into business-wide applications using Domo’s SDK and low code apps.

Domo brings all the data into a single repository. It eliminates stovepipe reporting that happens with Excel and Tableau, because everybody is working from the same environment, using the same data and the same tool.

Chief Information Officer

Domo saves us from doubt. We don’t have to question where the data is coming from and if it is accurate. We’ve taken the manual processes out of it, and now we can focus on results.

Sr. Director, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Put big data to work.

Domo’s cloud-native, 100% SaaS platform scales automatically with your data and users.

Infinitely Cloud Scalable

Because Domo was built for scale, you don’t have to resort to viewing sample data sets.

Domo handles trillions of rows, millions of updates, all with sub-second query times.

Manage and govern thousands of users with a level of automation that’s simply unmatched.

We ran out of scale, ran out of performance on the previous platforms.

VP of Digital Marketing

We have over two billion rows of data, and we can see that over half of it has never been accessed. Not only that, but we have a lot of sensitive information that not everyone should have access to. The metadata – the data about the data we put in Domo – is critical to maintaining compliance.

Dave Luna, Senior Technical Specialist for Data Analytics, CAE USA

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