Get full visibility into your AWS services with Domo.

Bring all your data together.

From drag-and-drop ETL to MySQL and Redshift DataFlows, Domo’s suite of preparation tools allow you to seamlessly clean and combine all your company’s data in one place.

  • Combine your AWS billing with the rest of your financial data
  • Refresh your AWS data in real-time

"We migrated our data warehouse and rebuilt into a hybrid of using AWS and Domo’s data warehousing capabilities. It now takes 15 minutes to reprocess every single record in the entire data warehouse – That is 1.4 billion rows of data."

Adam Skinner | Chief Information Officer

Discover and share insights.

With over 160 chart types and a suite of powerful data science tools, you can visualize and analyze your Amazon Web Services data any way you’d like.

  • Identify trends in your AWS billing and cost data
  • Detect anomalies and correlations in your AWS usage reports

"With Domo, we’re able to visualize and derive actions on data that we didn’t have a grasp on before."

Dina Bunn | Global Head of Central Operations & IT

Manage by exception.

Domo enhances AWS alert functionality through Automatic Smart Alerts that keep you in the know on changes in your data, even when you aren't sure what to watch for.

  • Monitor and alert on the health of your AWS services
  • Send AWS alerts directly your mobile device through text messages or push notifications

"The biggest benefit of Domo to me is how easily it calls out a red flag."

Chris Jenkins | VP Analytics, Stance

Your AWS data – Safe, secure and compliant

Domo delivers enterprise-class security and administration for businesses of all sizes.

  • Robust internal and external data controls
  • Advanced privacy controls, like SSO, 2FA, managed encryption keys, IP address restrictions, security profiles, and more.
  • Comprehensive compliance and assurance programs

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