Domo Data Experience Platform

The cloud-native data experiences innovator that's all about speed, visibility, and action.

With dashboards and apps that go from easy self-service to custom pro-code options, Domo delivers intuitive experiences underpinned by AI, data science, and a secure data foundation. It connects with your existing cloud and legacy systems to spark bold curiosity and power exponential business impact.

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Connect to over 1,000+ data sources

Put data to work for everyone with
the Domo data experience platform.

Connect your clouds, lakes, and warehouses.

Connect Google, AWS, Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, SQL, and any on-premise or proprietary data source.


“The thing I love about Domo is that it doesn’t care where the data comes from, you just pipe it in and then use it however you want.”

Josh Stan

Director of Corporate Development & Reporting, Dal-Tile

Scale data usage across and between departments.

Create one source of data truth and empower users to create their own drag-and-drop charts and dashboards.


Simplify reporting with self-serve analytics.

Make it simple for users to create their own reports in Domo and even set up data alerts.


“This data helps us sell to customers better, get in touch with them better, and really learn from them so we can boost our customer lifetime value.”

Katie Russell

Digital Marketing Coordinator, Cozy Earth

Leverage data in new apps, processes, and products.

Democratize low-code app creation tools to make it easier to incorporate data into day-to-day workflows.


“Domo lets us unify information from different sources in a single place in an agile, secure, and reliable way.”

Daniel Scherer

Head of Demand, Theraskin

Simplify governance across all users & environments.

Secure data across all environments with user permissions, monitoring, and built-in certification workflows.


Incorporate data science and machine learning.

Build automated models that can highlight relevant data for data scientists and surface insights to business users.


“We partnered with Domo as a data science solution to make us smarter about our estimation process with automation and improved speed.”

Jonathan Berkowsky

Senior Manager of Global Media Insights, NBA

Empower teams while still maintaining governance and control.


Add security down to the row level with Personalized Data Permissions.

2FA, SSO integration, event logging, and BYOK encryption.

View data lineage and perform data impact analysis.

Ensure quality data with Content Certification.

Automatic back-end scaling to billions of records and thousands of users.

Explore the possibilities with Domo.

Find out how you can put data to work for everyone to fuel curiosity, insight, and smart action.

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