Unlock data value across your business.

Domo's deep integration with Snowflake allows you to optimize your BI architecture and deliver data to people with business apps, BI, and data science—at speeds you never thought possible.

The best of Snowflake and Domo.

Put Snowflake data in the hands of business users.

Make your data in Snowflake available in real time, from anywhere, and build low-code custom apps so people can take action on the data.

Manage data access and quality.

Domo plugs into your existing infrastructure and augments your existing data governance tools to monitor your data and any changes to it.

Build custom data pipelines.

Connect data from any system to Snowflake, automate pipelines, and manage it all in Domo.

Native Domo integration with Snowflake.

By fusing together the Domo and Snowflake data engines, a unified layer is created that enables BI applications to be built using Snowflake data. This layer also accelerates business user adoption while maintaining visibility and control of data assets, and increases data utilization in Snowflake.

How it works.

Domo’s cloud connectors or APIs connect data into Domo’s Adrenaline engine, which now functions as a BI “brain” through which all applications and artifacts flow.

When data comes into Domo from a designated Snowflake warehouse, it is mapped as a parallelized virtual device—a logical mapping of that environment that delivers optimal performance.

By virtually mirroring a new node in the engine, Adrenaline optimizes Snowflake so it can use its compute power for indexing, querying, and storing output datasets for business use and orchestration.

The combined data platform is source-agnostic, with highly scalable and distributed parallel processing.

Data ingestion.

Use Domo’s load tools, including over 1000 cloud connectors, in conjunction with your existing ingestion architecture.

Write data directly into Snowflake, then use this data downstream in visualizations and apps for your business.

Write data back to Snowflake instantaneously with high-performance data pipelines.

Data transformation.

Leverage existing data pipelines with Snowflake’s existing compute for robust transformations and use Domo to see what transforms are being applied to your data.

Make ETL accessible to business users with Domo’s drag-and-drop ETL tools.

Data governance.

Augment your data governance models with Domo’s built-in tools for data cataloging, data health, and auditing to track how Snowflake is being used.

Monitor how Snowflake data is being used to improve workload management, data operations, versioning, and certifications.

Data visualization.

Create visualizations from your Snowflake data and empower business users to create their own.

Build intelligent apps and discover new ways to provide data to your business for better decision-making.

Enable self-service access to BI.

Make all of your data available and actionable to employees throughout your organization with intelligent apps, visualizations, and data science.

Create easy-to-use, interactive visualizations based on your Snowflake data and make them available business-wide.

Build apps faster on Domo’s platform, with no hardware, server setup, or storage costs.

Create unique apps to automate workflows, incorporate predictive analytics, and even trigger automatic actions in other systems.

Integrate more data sources with Domo's connectors.

Connect to data from any cloud, on-premises, or legacy system using Domo's collection of over 1000 pre-built connectors, then bring that data into Snowflake.

Write transformed data back to Snowflake with Java, APIs, or SDKs.

Transform your Snowflake tables using Domo’s DataSet Views explorer.

Get world-class security, including compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, SOC1/2, and ISO.

"Snowflake is built for speed and performance exactly when customers need it, even with the most intense workloads. Through this partnership, we’re able to help customers drive more value from the data in Snowflake, and from across the organization, by leveraging Domo’s unique ability to rapidly combine and transform it for richer insights that drive better decisions and actions for the business."

Colleen Kapse | VP of Worldwide Partners and Alliance

Supported by cloud-scale ETL.

With your data in Domo, business users can use Domo’s simple drag-and-drop ETL to build data pipelines.

Create visual data integration flows and simple data blending operations using our drag-and-drop Magic ETL tool, designed for all skill levels.

Use MySQL for more complex data transforms.

Collaborate on any mobile device.

Access your visualizations and apps from your computer, tablet, or device—anytime, any place.

Domo’s mobile-first app keeps your data automatically updated, with no need for separate mobile dashboards.

Collaborate with your team and make decisions on the data everyone is seeing in real time.

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