Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Domo Announces Mr. Roboto, The First Advanced Intelligence Platform to Fully Integrate Machine Learning and other AI Technologies into The Business Cloud

Mr. Roboto powers deeper business insights for decision makers across the enterprise

SILICON SLOPES, UT – March 28, 2017 – Last week at Domopalooza 17, Domo’s annual user conference, Domo announced Mr. Roboto, a new set of capabilities in the Domo platform that leverages machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, to power more advanced insights, recommendations and alerts for business decision makers across the enterprise.

As the world’s first advanced intelligence platform to be fully integrated into The Business Cloud, Mr. Roboto is uniquely positioned to provide a more holistic analysis of what’s happening across the business than any other machine learning or predictive engine available.

Domo is the first platform to bring together an organization’s people with massive amounts of business data from across the organization. Mr. Roboto takes advantage of this convergence and will be the first to leverage social patterns happening in The Business Cloud, to deliver deeper insights.

“Predictive algorithms when combined with human insights lead to much more accurate forecasts and trends than simply looking at business data in a vacuum,” said Josh James, founder and CEO, Domo. “Pervasive throughout the platform, Mr. Roboto will allow you to understand your business in ways never before possible, particularly as new services get built on top of this intelligence layer.”

Integrated into The Business Cloud, Mr. Roboto can be leveraged by partners, solution providers and customers as they build custom solutions and Apps on top of the Domo platform to solve specific business problems. With Mr. Roboto, Domo is ensuring business users get faster access to the benefits of machine learning, AI and predictive analytics without having to hire a legion of data scientists to implement those technologies into solutions and Apps.

Two new features powered by Mr. Roboto include:

Alert Center: Intelligently surface important updates and changes – Alerts Center is a new, personalized, dynamic and highly visual console powered by Mr. Roboto that helps business decision makers keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s happening across their business and take appropriate action. As customers load more data into Domo, Mr. Roboto becomes more powerful. Combining anomaly detection, personal data consumption patterns, trending company focus points and an analysis of an organization’s most-watched metrics, Domo can surface the most relevant, personalized view of exceptional conditions, patterns, changes and information that business decision makers need to know.

Data Science: Intelligently surface key insights and anomalies for optimizing of core business functions such as sales, marketing and finance – Data Science brings predictive analytics to any data set in Domo, and leverages Mr. Roboto algorithms to help business decision makers predict key challenges such as customer churn, sales forecast variances, real-time marketing ROI or P&L anomalies in financial plans, and identify potential areas of focus to improve business performance. For example, sales users can train a model from historical sales data and apply it to their current prospect lists to understand how likely each deal is to close, and what can be changed to improve that probability.

Concluded James, “The Business Cloud was developed to help all people break free of data silos and shackles, and empower them with the insights they need to make better business decisions. Mr. Roboto takes this freedom to the next level, by harnessing the power of AI, predictive analytics and machine learning to develop real-time, socially curated insights and predictions. Mr. Roboto will liberate business decision makers from slow, uniformed BI systems and instead will unleash data innovation.”

Mr. Roboto’s new features, as well as Alert Center, will be available in late Spring 2017. Data Science will be available later this year.

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