/ Eliminating Manufacturing Bottlenecks & Optimizing Operations

Eliminating Manufacturing Bottlenecks & Optimizing Operations

“Where are we today?” The answer isn’t always clear, especially when the future of the market is uncertain and supply chains are being disrupted. 

Learn how the team at ExsoMed, a medical device manufacturer, became more agile, moving from reactive to proactive by pulling together data, systems, and processes from across the business and empowering teams to make smarter decisions more quickly. 

Michael Lowe, Director of Operations at ExsoMed, will share how his team is enabling people across the organization to dig deeper into everything that’s happening, as it’s happening. Find out how they are making an impact, with examples from demand forecasting, sales performance,  inventory management, executive reporting, and more. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Modern BI for All: Challenge traditional BI strategies and tactics to run a more efficient and effective business.
  • Data Agility: Get all your systems and data sources working together in real-time, to deliver actionable information at speed, to all levels of the company.
  • Data Literacy: Bring data into the conversations around demand, distribution, inventory, operations, and more; to identify and implement new revenue opportunities based on real-time data.
  • Intelligent Action: Get data and insights closer to where the questions and answers are needed, from managing inventory to serving executives.

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