/ Defining the Data-Driven Marketer

Defining the Data-Driven Marketer

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What is a data-driven marketer?

As a marketer, you need data—and lots of it. But in the past decade alone, marketers’ trouble with data has shifted dramatically: instead of being too difficult to obtain, data is now too difficult to maintain and interpret. In fact, IBM reports that 71% of CMOs feel unprepared to handle today’s “data explosion,” saying that “most CMOs are struggling in one vital respect—providing the numbers that demonstrate a return on investment (ROI) for marketing.”
As a marketer, you’re busy. We get it.

You have a lot of priorities to juggle:

  • How many leads are you bringing in and which channels are providing the best opportunities?
  • How are prospects converting down the funnel?
  • How can you get the most accurate measure of ROI?

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