/ Domo Apps – Interactive Profit & Loss

Domo Apps – Interactive Profit & Loss

Whether you’re a financial analyst or a business manager Domo’s interactive P&L turns your static P&L into a dynamic data experience. Connect any data source to get up and running in an instant, turning your P&L into a living breathing document you can explore anywhere, anytime, on any device. You can even set alerts and message key stakeholders right inside the app. Manage the financial health of your business like never before with the interactive P&L data app from Domo.

  • Turn your P&L into a living breathing document you can explore anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • Connect any underlying data you like – update, annotate, and collaborate on it in real time
  • Drill into line items to understand the details, or collapse them to see the big picture
  • Set text and email alerts around thresholds for any line item

Click here to learn more, and download the Interactive P&L from the Domo App Store.

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