/ Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study (2018)

Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study (2018)

Dresner Advisory Services

Every person in every organization wants to feel confident in their decision-making, and according to Dresner Advisory Services, BI is helping them get there. Dresner has conducted their annual Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study for over a decade, and in 2018, users are finding more value than ever in BI solutions. Better decision-making is the top objective of adopting BI in organizations of every size, and organizations are reporting feeling more confident in the status of their data and their ability to take more action on insights.

According to the Study, Domo is ranked as a leader in customer experience and vendor credibility, and received the best overall score for product integration with third-party technologies, ease of installation, and ease of upgrade and migration. For the second time, Domo received a perfect recommendation score.

Domo also empowers users with features respondents said were most strategic in BI solutions, which include:

  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Self-service
  • Advanced visualizations
  • Data warehousing

Download the study to find out more about how businesses are using BI to make better decisions every day.

Domo transforms the way these companies manage business.