/ Nucleus Research: Ingo Money ROI Case Study

Nucleus Research: Ingo Money ROI Case Study

Better data access, better bottom line.

Like many financial services companies, Ingo Money was suffering from tedious manual reporting processes, disconnected data, and stale insights. They chose Domo to empower the entire organization with better data access and understanding, and the result was a 424% increase in less than one year.

An independent study conducted by Nucleaus Research, shows that Ingo Money saw:

  • 424% ROI
  • Payback in 0.8 years
  • Average annual benefit of $862,837

Domo dramatically increased productivity and efficiency throughout the organization and helped it achieve dramatic growth. Plus, Domo did it all with minimal overhead expenses to make sure the bottom line didn’t take a hit.

Domo transforms the way these companies manage business.