/ Digital Transformation, Demystified

Digital Transformation, Demystified

Part 1 of 5: To Become Digital, Think Digital

Digital transformation is happening at a rapidly increasing pace, and companies are working hard to evolve in order to remain competitive.

Recently, Mumford Sole Partners, a New York-based firm that specializes in digital transformation, investigated the interrelated barriers to enterprise transformation and detailed how a partnership-driven innovation strategy can start to “shake loose” seemingly intractable obstacles.

In this whitepaper—the first of five whitepapers to come from the study—Mumford Sole explains how/why:

  • Digital companies have a different concept of what it means to be a company.
  • Cutting edge technology is secondary to the ability to execute flexibly on a mission.
  • A leader in digitizing the food sector has adopted thought processes that underlie digital operating models.

Download the whitepaper to learn how to lead digital transformation by thinking about digital in a new way.

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