/ 7 Secrets of the Data-Driven CMO

7 Secrets of the Data-Driven CMO

The truly data-driven CMO has seven little secrets that give them an edge on even the most numbers-bent executives out there. They know how to extract the stories they need from the data they already have, and how to pull off inspirational, original campaigns that keep turning heads. The seven secrets in this whitepaper will help you gain greater value and more revenue out of the data you currently have. 


In this whitepaper, you’ll learn: 


  • How to manage by exception and engage only in the metrics that matter. 
  • How to back up every decision with data.
  • The importance of relying on your team to manage details, so you can save your time for anomalies.
  • How to measure the “unmeasurable” elements of marketing, like engagement, buyer attitude, and branding.

Domo gives you a leg up in the market by bringing all of your marketing data—social media, response rates, traffic, and more—into a single, dynamic dashboard. 

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