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What is a big data company?

In today’s world of data-driven decision-making, getting your hands on large amounts of data is becoming more critical than ever.

This is especially true for companies that want to get ahead and stay ahead of their competition.

With big data playing an integral role in so many companies, it should come as no surprise that big data companies are popping up left and right.

They typically have the infrastructure and technology in place to collect, process and analyze large amounts of data in real-time. This information can then be used to drive better decisions across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, education, retail, finance, manufacturing, and more.

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of hard work to make this happen on the scale that big data companies are striving for. However, they have the manpower in place to do so with ease.

Remember, they are dealing with large amounts of information in an automated fashion. This means that these companies need to have the right technological infrastructure in place along with skilled workers who know how to make sense of all of this data.


What is "big data"?

First, let’s define what big data is exactly. Put simply, big data is any information that can be measured and analyzed in an attempt to drive better decisions.

In other words, you won’t find a lot of clutter or noise here. It’s just about the facts.

The “big” part of this data is largely found in the fact that there is a lot of it.

For instance, some companies’ big data includes as many as 20 million new records each day. In addition, 10 percent of all online activity on any given day will generate about 1.8 trillion gigabytes of information.

With all of this stored across millions of hard drives, the data is available to be processed and analyzed in real-time.

Big data companies know how to collect this information on a massive scale. They also understand how to use powerful algorithms to find trends for businesses that want to make better decisions about their products, services, pricing, and more.


How does a big data company help businesses grow?

As mentioned, big data can be used to drive better decisions. So what exactly does this mean for your business?

1. Big data gives you more insight into your customers

Believe it or not, companies that don’t use big data are leaving money on the table by not understanding their audiences better. This is why many businesses focus so much on customer service — because they want every consumer interaction to be positive.

They just need to go one step further and actually get to know their customers’ preferences and habits.

This can be done by collecting data about them in the form of website visits, social media interactions, buying history and more.

By doing so, these companies will have a better idea about what they want and who they are, which allows for better decision-making in product development and marketing initiatives.

2. Big data helps your company stay ahead of the competition

If you’re thinking that big data is all about gathering information to get closer to your customers, then you’re on the right track.

The more information these companies have about their consumers, the easier it is for them to get in front of their eyes at just the right times.

This is what big data companies are all about — helping businesses to use their information to increase their visibility, revenue, and influence over the long term.

3. Big data helps your company analyze risk

The more you know about your customers, the better decisions your business can make — even when it comes to something as risky as spending large sums of money to advertise your product or service.

Companies that use big data can study their audience closely and decide whether a certain ad campaign is likely to be a successful one. If not, they can save their company from making a potentially costly mistake.

The less risk you take as a business owner, the better off you will be in the long run. Big data companies help that by studying their information to spot potential problems before they occur.

4. Big data helps you make better pricing decisions.

It’s a simple concept: the more someone knows about their consumers, the easier it is for them to come up with the right price.

If a company can remove risk from this equation by leveraging big data, they are in an even better position for these tough decisions.

The bottom line is that big data companies help businesses grow by making better decisions, increasing revenue and decreasing risk – among many other things. If you’re not working with one yet, then now is the time to act.

5. Big data companies help you move your business forward.

Some of the biggest names in the tech industry are big data companies, which means that they can give you access to everything that you need to grow your company — fast.

What sort of information will these partners be able to provide on your behalf? Here is a quick look at what some of these companies can do for you:

  • Provide real-time, accurate data to help you make effective decisions.
  • Provide industry insight that can benefit your bottom line.
  • Offer access to advanced infrastructure and technologies, which will give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Offer training and education to help you and your employees work with big data solutions.

Big data companies are the key to making every aspect of your company better — from sales and marketing, to customer service, to risk management. If you want to take your business further than it has ever gone before, these companies are a great place to start.

Can big data companies be trusted?

Lately, there has been much in the news regarding big data companies selling information that they have collected on their consumers.

While some players in the market have been caught doing this, there are many who have worked hard to keep their customers’ information private and secure.

There are several ways that big data companies can work with you to ensure that your business is safe and secure, which could include:

  • Working with you to anonymize certain types of data before selling it.
  • Putting data protection tools and processes in place that will prevent information from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Working with you to create a security protocol that is specific to your business, so that key consumer information remains private.

Big data companies are just as committed as you are to keeping their customers safe — which is part of why they have partnered with you in the first place.

Cybersecurity Effectiveness

What questions should I ask a big data company?

The best way to get started is to define your business goals and then use that information to find a partner whose strengths will help you meet them. Some of the most important things for you to consider when talking with potential candidates include:

Their expertise

How long have they been in business? Do they have the kind of experience that you need? Look for a team member who can speak to your specific needs, and has a track record to back it up.

Their security protocols

What tools do they use to make sure that all of their information is safe and trustworthy? Are those tools in line with your business’s standards?

Their approach to data analysis

How do they assess the value of the information that you are providing them, and how does that help your company? Asking questions regarding data analysis methods can help you better understand how your data will be used — and what impact it will have on your company.

How they can help your business grow

What are their specific products or services that will help you to take things to the next level? How do these offerings meet your current needs, and how quickly can they be adapted to accommodate future market changes?

As with any business relationship, finding the right big data partner can take some time. But when you find a team that is working with the best in the field, whose security protocols are beyond reproach, then you are helping to ensure that your company will continue to achieve new heights.


In the business world today, it is more important than ever before to have access to data that will help you make faster, more effective decisions. Big data companies offer just that — by providing accurate information in real-time, they can give your company a leg up on the competition.

Consider partnering with a big data company to ensure that you have all of the information that your business needs now and in the future. This information will help you achieve new levels of success as time goes on.



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