There’s an App for That: Utilize the Full Power of the Domo App Platform to Better Your Business

Tired of viewing a dashboard only to have to turn around and leave Domo to perform a quick action or enter data? Frustrated with using spreadsheets to enter data to fill the gaps left by the software and systems your business uses? In this session, take a deep dive into the Domo intelligent app platform and its APIs to see how you can drop the inefficiencies of context switching, increase the ease, speed and accuracy of data entry, eliminate dataflow debugging due to spreadsheet data entry errors, and more. NOTE: An Intermediate understanding of Javascript/Typescript will be needed to understand code snippets, but no prior programming experience will be required to grasp how the Domo App Platform can better your business.

In this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify headaches, inefficiencies, and problems in your business that the Domo App Platform can solve
  • Leverage the various APIs, such as the AppDb API and Files API, that can bring your business’ workflows directly into Domo
  • Avoid common mistakes when building a Domo Custom App
  • Extend your business’ workflows outwards from Domo through Domo Custom Apps + Domo Actions

Ryan T. Wilson, CTO, Build Intelligence

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