Improving Pharmacy Performance and Revenue with Interactive Dashboards

Regional One Health set an aggressive goal to have 50% of patients fill prescriptions at a Regional One Health pharmacy. The problem was data was difficult to track. In order to understand the full picture and take action, hundreds of data sources were brought together across clinical and non-clinical systems with Domo. Hospital staff began monitoring detailed information for each pharmacy and how each tracked toward the overall goal. Leveraging Domo as a single source of truth, delivers performance data in real-time. Regional One Health has been able to improve the percentage of patients filling prescriptions in house to 49.7% in only six months. These changes will add an estimated increase of $5 million in revenue. Take that same logic and apply it to both COVID-19 and the top five domains that exist within hospital settings: Finance, Quality, People, Growth, and Service. This is where Regional One Health is today after a 4 year journey of using Domo.

In this session, the team from Regional One Health will share the developed data program. Health care systems or hospitals can leverage the Regional One Health starter kit to fast track accomplishing visualizations and operationalizing data in clinical settings.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to develop a strategy around your data and scale adoption
  • How to leverage interactive dashboards with top of mind, cross-functional health data
  • How to visualize 16 key performance indicators for health care systems that cross 5 domains of healthcare operations
  • What Regional One Health developed and how this starter kit can jump start visualizing and operationalizing data”


  • Lewis Pipkin, Data Scientist, Regional One Health
  • Alejandra (Allie) Alvarez, Director, Center for Innovation, Regional One Health
  • Niranjani Radhakrishnan (Jani Rad), Director, Center for Information and Analytics, Regional One Health
  • Kelsey Bradford, Business Analyst, Center for Information and Analytics, Regional One Health
  • Poorak Varma, Healthcare Management Process Engineer, Regional One Health

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