How Sportsnet Democratizes Data to Segment Fans and Retain Customers

Interested in finding ways to reduce the cost per acquisition (CPA) for your new customers? Want to know how to reduce churn with current customers? The answers could already lie within your data. Using Domo, Sportsnet has been able to see a 15% improvement on CPA, reduced churn by 10%, and saved more than 40 hours a month on manual reporting tasks.

In this session, we’ll hear from Sportsnet about how they were able to optimize their operations when they made data a higher priority in their business. With all their business units empowered with deep analytics on key business questions, they’re able to identify why and when customers leave and roll out new strategies to reduce churn.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • What SportsNet did to democratize data throughout their business, leading to a reduction in customer churn.
  • The steps they took to improve cost per acquisition for digital paid media campaigns.
  • How they have leveraged machine learning to segment and cluster their customer base to drive insights.


  • Sylvan Grunwald, Head of Growth Analytics, Sportsnet – Rogers Sports & Media
  • Kirby Lin, Senior Data Analyst, Sportsnet – Rogers Sports & Media

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