Future-proofing the Business with Cloud Leverage

What are the best ways to future-proof the enterprise cloud architecture, no matter what new technology comes next? The answer is Cloud Leverage.

The notion of “Cloud Leverage” is to ensure that sustainable technology can meet the ever-changing needs of LOB owners, knowledge workers, and front-line users in getting access to the data they need, which requires speed and scale. However, this needs to take place concurrently, while enabling cross-functional teams, the CIO, and the analysts as they implement Snowflake, or move data workloads to GCP, Azure, or Dremio.

Join this provocative roundtable discussion on the future of cloud to explore how data and cross-cloud strategies can enable a fully agile and modular approach to digital transformation.


  • Moderator: Doug Henschen, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research
  • Ben Schein, SVP of Product, Domo
  • Tomer Shiran, Co-Founder and CPO, Dremio
  • Phil Hudelson, Partner, Chief Technology Officer, ClienTech, McKinsey and Company

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