Curiosity and the Future of Data-Driven Culture

Since its inception, the goal of BI and analytics has been to answer big business questions with data. The next phase of BI evolution will come from the unknown, and data curiosity will be the spark that ignites the enthusiasm needed to help employees, partners, and customers put data to work in new ways. Discover how to create data curiosity throughout your organization and inspire change while maintaining security and control.

During this roundtable, we’ll discuss:

  • The untapped potential of BI and why data curiosity is key to its evolution
  • What it looks like to deliver modern BI across people, tools, and processes
  • What IT’s role should be in empowering data curiosity and confidence
  • How to safely empower organizations with governance and control
  • How to spread and incentivize data curiosity across the organization

Moderator: Donald Farmer, Principal, TreeHouse Strategy
Fred Foos, Manager, Global Business Intelligence, Universal Music Group
Gonzalo Alister, BI & Applications Manager, Fuji Xerox
Leslie Dempsey, Market Sales Manager, La-Z-Boy Inc.
Nigel Pannett, Managing Director, Investment Manager & Agribusiness Specialist, Compass Agribusiness Management

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