“We have a combined view of our sales and manufacturing data, meaning we are able to answer vital questions.”

Andreas Adams

Head of IT, Steuler Group

Steuler was founded in 1908, by Georg Steuler who developed the world's first acid-resistant cement. Today, Steuler Group is one of the leading specialists for industrial linings and equipment engineering around the globe and is one of the largest tile producers “Made in Germany”. Steuler has a network of about 25 subsidiaries all around the world.



Domo Users


Departments using Domo

CEO/C-Suite, Finance, Sales

Company Size

2,800 employees

Challenge: Steuler Group struggled to have a 360 view of company performance as different subsidiaries and business segments within the group used disparate systems. A huge amount of time was spent collating and processing management information data to inform executive decision making.

Solution: Steuler incorporated Domo to empower executives and business unit managers with near real time information on sales and manufacturing performance (current state vs forecast).

Impact: Steuler now has a holistic view of its business group and segments, enabling it to make strategic business decisions based upon real-time data.



One single source of truth.

According to Steuler Group’s Head of IT, Andreas Adams, “the ability to pivot processes, products and operations is vital in today’s fast paced environment. Yet to do so requires a holistic view of your entire business.”

Adams wanted to empower Steuler’s executives and business unit leaders to make faster, more effective decisions using timely data. “We wanted to take the onus off our IT department to program a system that could only be accessed by a few, across to a central source of information that made data readily available to everyone.”



Steuler has a network of over 25 subsidiaries around the world, all of which use different data sources and systems. “This created an immense challenge, as it required a huge amount of time to bring this data together, ultimately slowing down the decision-making progress,” said Adams.

With Domo, Steuler has been able to combine its data from across its business units into curated dashboards. This gives the company greater agility and real-time insights into the organization’s health.


“Before Domo there was no single point of truth, but now everybody from subsidiary managers through to our CEO has access to the data needed to prepare and make decisions.”

Andreas Adams | Head of IT, Steuler Group


According to Adam’s, Domo’s abundance of data connectors was the key differentiator: “I wanted data from across business units and departments, and Domo was the best cloud platform that was able to meet our needs.” In addition, the speed at which Steuler was able to connect the data and create the first dashboard made Domo the obvious choice.


Clarity over business performance.

Steuler now has clarity over the bigger picture, said Adams. “We have a combined view of our sales and manufacturing data, meaning we are able to answer vital questions like — how many products did we produce versus sell, and what are the current stock levels. This was something we missed out on before Domo, as no one had the entire story.”



Having this improved visibility of performance data gives Steuler a new level of agility. If they are not on track to hit monthly targets, they can now see results and alter the outcome instead of just hoping to reach goals.

More than 60 users across Steuler use Domo actively to gain insight into the business. Examples include:

  • The sales team uses Domo to track stock levels against profit contributions from sales in near real time to help the company improve inventory management.
  • The manufacturing team uses Domo to understand product performance statistics, helping it to uncover opportunities to improve efficiency.
  • With the onset of COVID-19, Domo helped Steuler to monitor which parts of the business were working well, allowing it to shift product focus onto other divisions which were driving stronger profit.


Smarter more strategic conversations.

Thanks to Steuler’s ability to better manage data, Steuler was able to bring its consolidated reporting to a much higher degree of automation. “In the past reports were created by individuals in separate departments, and then shared with the executive team. This was a time-consuming task and meant decisions were based on old data.”

Domo has eliminated this process. Reports are automated, enabling employees to be self-reliant and empowered with data. “This switch has enabled the company to make smarter strategic decisions based on accurate near real-time data,” said Adams.


“The biggest benefit in using Domo is that our executive team has the same view of the data. We’re no longer losing time during our meetings to clarify the data, there’s no pulling from different Excel spreadsheets, it’s all accessible via the dashboard.”

Andreas Adams | Head of IT, Steuler Group

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