We were blown away by how quickly and easily this whole project came together."

Ben Willee 

General Manager and Media Director 

We’re a full service, thoroughly integrated agency with a unique agency structure and a simplified, proven process. We champion a new approach called Consentric ThinkingTM. We combine media, data, analytics, technology and creativity to drive business change and help our clients grow stronger. Our agency has a high ratio of super-experienced individuals with diverse skills who get to the heart of a problem efficiently, analytically, counterintuitively.



Departments using Domo


Challenge: Spinach needed a way to ensure consultants weren’t bogged down in tedious tasks and a better way to analyze information for insights.

Solution: Elegant integration, a deep-dive into insights, and employee empowerment company-wide with Domo.

Impact: Domo has empowered Spinach employees at all levels of seniority to see and use irrefutable facts.

Before Domo

Spinach are firm believers that clients need the best people working on their accounts. The agency was looking for a way to ensure its talented consultants weren’t being bogged down in tedious tasks. Spinach’s input of data from clients was also rapidly increasing and they needed a tool that would help them collate and analyse information efficiently to find valuable insights.

In particular:

  • Better-quality data to predict advertising outcomes
  • Real-time insight to increase productivity

“We had teams of people who would spend most of their time writing reports which required them to go through many different data points. By the time it was complete, the report was out of date. That report now happens in real—time which means we can put our energy into driving better outcomes for our clients.”

Richard Taylor | Senior Digital Strategist


After Domo

Spinach has wasted no time in sinking its teeth into Domo, working to implement the platform across its entire client base. Within just a few months of being up and running, Domo already had a big impact on business.



Attribution and accountability

Spinach General Manager Ben Willee has watched the industry transform over the past 20 years and seen first-hand how the birth of digital media has changed advertising accountability. The insights from Business Management tools, such as Domo, means the old adage ‘half of my marketing budget is wasted, the trouble is I don’t know which half’ holds less relevance these days.

“Better quality data is the key to better quality attribution. That’s where Domo comes in. It lets us access a broad range of data sources and build models to understand how they impact bottom line KPIs, all in real time.”

Ben Willee | General Manager and Media Director


Elegant Integration

The ability to integrate the platform with integral sources, such as client data, media data and layer it with research and other brand metrics, is one of Domo’s stand-out qualities for Ben Willee, Spinach General Manager. 

Deep-dive Into Insights

Spinach is turning huge volumes of different data sources into genuine insight for their clients—a challenge Ben Willee feels strongly about. 

“History is full of people that talk excessively, provide huge amounts of data but can’t turn that data into insight. That’s the challenge we’re trying to fulfill to help our clients grow big and strong.”

Ben Willee | General Manager and Media Director



Empowering employees 

Domo has helped Spinach tackle highest paid person opinion (HiPPO) within the agency, empowering people at all levels of seniority to look at the irrefutable facts in relation to a topic and improve fact-based decision making.

“Usually, when it comes to business, if two people have an opinion, the more senior person’s opinion wins. Now, the person with the better-quality data wins.”

Ben Willee | General Manager and Media Director



Domo has freed Spinach’ employees from functional grunt work & given them back the time to create the insights & strategy needed to make better decisions for their clients. It’s elevated their level of consultancy, improved outcomes and let them confidently articulate the impact of their work. 

The bottom line.

What we’ve been able to deliver to our clients has been a real delight for the team. And if you create 10 per cent more productivity to your bottom line, that’s a great result.
Ben Willee | General Manager and Media Director

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