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Departments using Domo


The challenge. Limited Visibility | Manual Process

"Before Domo there was a lack of visibility into all of the data we had collected. You can’t act on data until you have a direction. We needed to know what to attack next."

— Ty Tolman | Process Improvement Mgr

The results.

"Reporting meant hours of manual labor before Domo. It was more than hours. We did it in Excel. We did it in pivot tables and charts. It was ridiculous to maintain. Error prone. It just wasn’t good. Now I can dump in as many data points as I want and have it visible in 20 minutes. Domo probably saves me 15 hours a month just in building spreadsheets."

"We have several monitors displaying Domo in our corporate office where we display things like customer service data. So if a customer is not completely satisfied with a package and calls us up, we track every one of those phone calls in a database. With Domo we now have the ability to see trends dealing with specific scenarios and we can address them more quickly."

"As a frozen dough manufacturer we have to deliver a standard set of ingredients to the mixers within the plant. So if we ask for 50 pounds of water and it sends in 47, we have to make adjustments to that batch or it won’t be consistent.

"With Domo, we can monitor every single batch we produce. We did that before, but it lived in spreadsheets and it was a week behind. And if something went wrong, it would take us a month to discover there was a problem. Now we can identify a problem in two seconds. It literally just takes me the amount of time of pulling up a chart to see what my last 500 batches looked like and how close we were to staying within tolerances. That kind of visibility is big."

"If account managers have a client meeting that afternoon, they’re now able to run a report just prior to the meeting and have the latest numbers. They have up-to-date information available online any day they want, and the data isn’t stale by the time the customer sees it. That’s good, solid ROI."

The bottom line.

"Domo is a wonderful tool that gives us clear visibility that we haven't had before into our processes."

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