“The majority of our GMs use Domo on a weekly basis, if not a daily basis.”

Dave Schiller

Senior Vice President at Prosegur Security USA

Prosegur is a world leader in the private security sector, providing advanced security and technology solutions for companies and individuals. Prosegur offers a range of security services, including manned guarding, patrol service, systems integration, remote monitoring, and cybersecurity services.


Professional Services

Departments using Domo

Operations, Sales

Company Size

160,000 employees

Challenge: This security solutions provider struggled to easily collect and access business data, hampering its ability to manage employees or evaluate customer profitability.

Solution: Domo helps Prosegur Security USA access and understand its critical business data without waiting.

Impact: Prosegur Security USA now uses accurate, real-time data to benchmark performance, identify past due customers, and improve profitability.

Prosegur Security USA secures business insights with Domo.

Founded in 1976, Prosegur has become a global security powerhouse, leveraging more than 160,000 security professionals to protect businesses across 31 countries. To better serve clients and help make the world a safer place, Prosegur’s USA division relies on Domo to collect, manage, and report on their employee and business data.

Domo helps us not only get information faster, but it helps us expose bad habits so we can modify behavior,” said Dave Schiller, Senior Vice President at Prosegur Security USA.


Bringing insights to the forefront.

Prosegur Security USA is separated into six geographic regions providing national coverage, with each regional office overseeing thousands of security officers and security monitoring units spread across hundreds of clients. Because each office runs semi-autonomously from each other, the USA leadership struggled to easily understand the company’s business performance.

We have an ERP system that drives everything we do, including payroll, invoicing, financing, and compliance,” Schiller said. “However, it’s not as user-friendly when it comes to pulling information.”

Thanks to Domo, Prosegur Security USA can automatically pull real-time data from its ERP and other systems to make it accessible and understandable for company leaders and frontline managers alike.

Things that used to get overlooked are now brought to the forefront, which has allowed us to better benchmark performance between our regions and make our operations run more efficiently,” Schiller said.


In addition to making data more accessible, Domo helps ensure Prosegur Security USA is working with clean, current data. For example, under new executive leadership, the company discovered that its employee payrolls included former employees, which increased its budgeting for licensing, healthcare, and vacation allocations. Removing these employees helped the company gain a true picture of its employee base so they could properly budget.

“We are constantly hiring, accommodating our employees’ schedules, and promoting from within. Our database is updating all the time, and Domo ensures we have good, clean data so we are empowered to make business decisions.”

Improving employee management.

Prosegur Security USA now uses data and insights to make smarter decisions about how it manages its business. For example, managers use Domo to make the scheduling process more productive for workers and managers alike.

We have a scheduling dashboard that helps us track if managers are in danger of falling behind on scheduling our officers. By being held accountable, they are now better equipped to provide employees with a full week schedule ahead of time. Knowing our scheduling commitments gives us insight into our future payroll commitments, allowing us to get a better handle on our financial performance,” Schiller said.

Because each security officer needs to be licensed in the state where they work, manually tracking compliance on a spreadsheet used to be a massive headache. With Domo, the compliance manager can easily track licenses and special certifications to identify officers who need to renew within the next 90 days.

This allows us to proactively alert our officers and make sure they are renewing their licenses ahead of time, instead of waiting for an audit to discover they are past due,” Schiller said. “Our compliance is now 100%.”

Maximizing business performance.

Thanks to Domo, Prosegur Security USA can benchmark performance across its regions so general managers (GMs) understand how they compare. “The majority of our GMs use Domo on a weekly basis, if not a daily basis. We now have a much better understanding of how each region performs financially so we can leverage shared learnings to drive improvement throughout the company,” Schiller said.

General managers have also used Domo to gain better insight into their accounts receivable to improve cash flow. “In some areas, we may have had about 35-40% of our invoices past due at times. Now we are at 12% and improving with each cycle. Company-wide, we have improved by almost 20%. Domo was a huge contributing factor in helping us quickly identify late invoices and make everyone more aware and accountable for getting accounts current,” Schiller said.


Before Domo, I would have to comb through a 200-page PDF of hundreds of clients to figure this information out. Domo lets me identify which clients are flagged so I can address those five to ten quickly before they turn into a problem,” Schiller said. “We’ve been able to discover that some of the accounts we thought were most profitable were actually affecting us the worst financially, which allowed us to address the issue and shift our focus to improving the state of the account.”


“That’s not something we could have easily found in the day-to-day business of scheduling officers and ensuring clients’ needs are exceeded. With Domo, our operations team has gained back the time which we are investing differently now that we have a consistent process.” 

Dave Schiller | Senior Vice President at Prosegur Security USA

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