“Domo’s great connector library and variety of tools gives me the flexibility to work with all the unique data stacks of our customers."

Aaron Lemley

Senior Director of Marketing Analytics at Outcast

Outcast is an integrated marketing agency in the US and UK specializing in communications, social, digital advertising, crisis, and corporate reputation.


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Challenge: A time-consuming data collection process prevented digital strategists from making real-time decisions about where to focus time and resources. 

Solution: Thanks to Domo, Outcast can automatically capture data in near real-time for each of its clients’ organic and paid channels to deliver instant insight into campaign performance.

Impact: Reporting is now faster and more accurate, while self-serve analytics enables clients to answer questions for themselves.


Outcast delivers client insights faster with Domo.

In the fast-moving world of technology, it can be difficult for startups and established tech leaders to break through the clutter and reach new audiences. As a leading integrated agency focused on serving the tech industry, Outcast helps its clients introduce new and emerging tech brands through its suite of earned and paid media services and solutions.

To help its clients understand the impact Outcast delivers, the firm relies on Domo to track, measure, and analyze earned and paid campaign performance.

Domo helps me be productive at scale,” said Aaron Lemley, Senior Director of Marketing Analytics at Outcast. “With our small team of analysts, we need to be able to deliver solutions for a large variety of clients. Domo’s great connector library and variety of tools gives me the flexibility to work with the unique data stacks of our customers.”


Connecting real-time data together.

Outcast’s customers run the gamut from e-commerce and consumer tech to cutting-edge artificial intelligence. As a result, each depends on a unique mix of social, owned, and paid channels for communicating with audiences and engaging customers. Before Domo, Outcast’s account teams would have to manually log client campaign performance data. This time-consuming process prevented account managers from being able to make real-time decisions about where to focus time, money, and resources.

When doing a big activation or campaign, we often need to pull information multiple times a day from multiple social platforms. We were getting frustrated daily,” Lemley said. “It was the Wild West of arriving at a key metric; if one person calculated it at one point in the day and someone else another, they would potentially arrive at two different results.”

In addition, larger clients often had several different experts servicing a campaign, creating data silos. “My number one priority was to increase data literacy within the organization and empower teams to access hard to reach data. We might have a LinkedIn advertising expert with no visibility into the client’s Instagram advertising data or no awareness of what was going on with our paid partnerships. I wanted to untangle all those platforms and bring them into one place that could be seen as a single source of truth,” Lemley said.

While the agency had a business intelligence tool in place, managers found it difficult to use, leading to poor adoption rates throughout the organization. In order to improve the company’s data literacy, Lemley knew he needed a solution that was intuitive and easy to use.

Thanks to Domo, Outcast can automatically capture data in near real time for each of its clients’ owned and paid channels to deliver instant insight into campaign performance. Lemley leveraged Domo’s out-of-the-box connectors to completely recreate and automate the company’s reporting infrastructure while improving the process with additional metrics and more flexible dimensions.

I was able to solve it with Domo. It lets us bring in raw and unstructured data from any platform and structure it as needed for the client,” Lemley said. “Now instead of pulling information weekly or spending time aggregating data, I’m able to have it come in as frequently as needed.”


Using Domo, Outcast can now easily track the individual organic performance of posts on TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other channels, along with the performance of promoted posts. Managers can analyze which posts generated the most traffic, sign-ups, or sales, allowing managers to reallocate budget to the best-performing content.

Our data integrity is higher, and we’re now delivering reports 100% on time. And the time we’re saving on report building is now devoted to identifying insights and crafting strategy. We’re still spending the same amount of time on a client, but we’re spending our time more wisely than we did before,” Lemley said.

Instant answers with self-serve dashboards.

Domo allows Outcast to quickly onboard a client and start providing insights faster. “It used to take us about four weeks to onboard a client. I’m now able to onboard a new client in three to four hours, including bringing in all their data, setting up all the connections, and creating a dashboard.”

By standardizing and scaling its data collection and reporting process, Outcast can now spend more time on custom requests. “When a customer has a unique additional channel or needs to look at data in a certain way, I’m able to focus on giving them what they want,” Lemley said.

Outcast uses Domo to empower clients to get answers on the fly with personalized dashboards. Self-serve analytics allow clients to monitor campaign performance in real time instead of waiting for a report, increasing their confidence in the agency’s work while reducing ad hoc report requests. Clients can access their dashboard on their PC or phone for insights in meetings and on the go.

Our clients used to demand snapshot reports in addition to weekly or monthly reporting to see how a campaign is doing,” Lemley said. “With self-serve dashboards, clients can filter down to the social media post level to see performance as they see fit.”

By empowering clients to access data directly, Outcast has been able to build more trust and foster deeper client relationships.


“We work with comms people who aren’t necessarily technical-minded. Domo empowers them and helps them feel more comfortable with data. They can now explore and see long-term trends that weren’t as evident in the reporting before. Everyone unanimously has said that Domo is easy to understand and quick to adopt.” 

Aaron Lemley | Senior Director of Marketing Analytics at Outcast

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