“Domo gives us the time and resources needed to achieve our mission.”

Adam Greenberg


As the leading premium adult diaper brand in the United States, NorthShore Care Supply provides premium products for individuals with moderate-to-severe incontinence.



Company Size

$25 - $50 million in revenue

Rapid business growth meant that NorthShore outgrew its internally built dashboards and basic analytics solutions, preventing business users from being able to quickly use data to design customer acquisition strategies, analyze customer data, and challenge internal processes.

Thanks to Domo, NorthShore can bring all of its data together, making it more usable across the organization to make more informed decisions.

NorthShore uses Domo to optimize its marketing initiatives, including new customer sampling and returning customer subscription programs, and to analyze its fulfillment processes, shipping operations, and geographic footprint.


NorthShore care supply serves customers more effectively with Domo.

Twenty years ago, NorthShore Care Supply’s founder and president Adam Greenberg watched as his father struggled to manage incontinence. At that time, there were no products on the market that would help him adequately manage incontinence while maintaining privacy and dignity. With that insight, Greenberg founded NorthShore to make and discreetly deliver high-quality incontinence products and supplies.

To continue to fulfill a mission to empower people to live with the freedom and dignity they deserve, NorthShore relies on Domo to create deeper connections with its customers.

“Domo provides more data to our decision makers to make sure that our business can focus on the specific needs of each of our customer segments,” Greenberg said.


Powering customer acquisition.

Before Domo, NorthShore relied on a combination of internally built dashboards and basic analytics solutions to manage its analytics needs. Having data stored in many locations and formats was challenging for NorthShore to analyze its customer needs. Rapid business growth found the company struggling to keep pace, requiring NorthShore to seek out a more capable BI solution. That’s when NorthShore discovered Domo.

“What Domo provided us was an efficient way to use our people and resources to make our data usable,” said Dave Rose, Director of Finance at NorthShore. “It was a great way for us to turn all of our many data sources into usable insights.”

Today, NorthShore relies on Domo to power its customer acquisition and retention strategies. By analyzing page views, order frequency, average order value, and the types of products being ordered, NorthShore now has a clearer understanding of its customer needs, allowing the company to better focus its marketing spend.

“Domo helps us turn data points into important insights which drives better understanding about customer behavior and allows us to better plan the next set of marketing initiatives,” said Dhiraj Rustagi, VP, E-Commerce and Marketing at NorthShore.

One of NorthShore’s key customer acquisition tools is its sampling program, which allows customers to try a product to find the right fit before placing an order. Using Domo, NorthShore can better track the sampling program and more precisely target its marketing communications towards interested prospects to quickly turn these individuals into long-term customers.


“We closely track how many prospects and existing customers request samples, along with how many prospects are converting to first orders and how long it takes to convert. We then optimize the website and promotions in order to drive further improvement,” Rustagi said.

“Domo as a data visualization tool has helped increase data literacy of the overall organization and has encouraged more objective conversations within the team. My marketing team especially now looks into conversion rates, order funnels, subscription reports on a regular basis and it helps them plan for relevant projects and enhancements,” Rustagi said.


“Domo helps us turn data points into important insights which drives better understanding about customer behavior and allows us to better plan the next set of marketing initiatives.”

Dhiraj Rustagi | VP, E-Commerce and Marketing


Keeping inventory flowing.

To ensure that customers always have the products they need, NorthShore relies on Domo to provide more visibility into inventory and the company’s global supply chain.

“We’ve transitioned most of our inventory reporting to Domo, which allows us to trigger reports based on events instead of just dates,” Greenberg said. “This allowed us to anticipate increased lead times due to supply chain issues so we could make sure we not only ordered the right amount of product ahead of time, but had the storage capacity available to handle it.”

“All of this data comes in handy when we analyze which combination of storage solutions will let us handle our supply situation coming from different manufacturers all over the world as we expand outside of direct-to-consumer channels and more into B2B,” he said.

In addition to helping the company better manage its inventory, NorthShore used Domo to analyze the company’s shipping operations. With a deeper understanding of this data, NorthShore learned what delivery needs were most important to its customers. This knowledge empowered NorthShore to realign its priorities with its shipping partners. The shipping analysis also helped NorthShore reassess where to place additional distribution centers to minimize the distance between warehouses and customers, further reducing transit times and lowering shipping costs.


“Domo made it quick and easy to figure out what our footprint is and where we should store product, helping us determine the right locations to support our customers and grow the company,” Rose said.

As NorthShore looks to the future, they see an opportunity to not only help consumers directly, but also to help senior care facilities and organizations serve their residents with more dignity. By using Domo to better manage marketing, inventory, and logistics, Greenberg says the company is now positioned to meet its growth goals.


“Our goal is to be the most recommended brand of absorbent products by consumers and professionals for heavy incontinence. You’re not going to do that by creating spreadsheet after spreadsheet. Domo gives us the time and resources needed to achieve our mission.”

Adam Greenberg | President


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