“Domo is at the center of a lot of what we are trying to accomplish as a company.”

Keith Benator

Director of Capital Markets

Founded in 1954, North American Properties is a privately-held, multi-regional real estate operating company that has acquired, developed and managed more than $7 billion of retail, multifamily, mixed-use and office properties across the United States.


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Company Size

350 employees

With properties spread throughout the country, this real estate operating company lacked easy access to portfolio-level data.

Domo automatically brings data together from every project into a single dashboard. 

Thanks to Domo, the company has unmatched transparency into its projects that it can leverage when making decisions. 


North American Properties looks to the future with Domo.

North American Properties is focused on delivering real estate projects that create a sense of connectedness between a place and people. Since its founding in 1954, the company has acquired, developed, and managed more than $7 billion of retail, multifamily, mixed-use, and office properties throughout the United States, each carefully selected to stand out in the minds of owners, renter, shoppers, and workers.

In order to fill its pipeline with winning projects and manage its expansive portfolio, North American Properties relies on Domo to bring data together from across the country.


“Domo is at the center of a lot of what we are trying to accomplish as a company.”

Keith Benator | Director of Capital Markets


Incorporating intelligence.

Before Domo, North American Properties largely used its data for reporting purposes. While this told the company where it had been, it limited leaders from being able to anticipate where the company could go. To improve their intelligence, North American Properties created a new business intelligence team that was tasked with leveraging the company’s data across projects and making it actionable.

“The purpose of our team is to organize our data and use it to anticipate the future so we can better prepare,” said Sam Nelson, Business Intelligence Analyst at North American Properties.  

Because its separate properties use disconnected ERP systems and other siloed data sources, North American Properties uses Domo to bring all its data together into a single source of truth. The company chose Domo thanks to its ease of use compared to other solutions.

“We used other software previously, but it required us to bring in people with technical expertise. Domo lets everyone access data without technical training. At the same time, we know it works for everyone no matter what types of systems, properties, or types of businesses that we’re trying to manage. Domo met all of our needs across the board,” Benator said. 


By automatically bringing in data from more than 15 different systems and automatically transforming it for consumption, the business intelligence team is able to save hours each week manually collecting data from each system or loading data from emailed reports.


Thanks to Domo, North American Properties can now see everything from operating revenue to payroll to the fees they earn from managing assets all in one dashboard, giving company leaders unmatched access to information at all levels of the company.  

“We have transparency now,” said Benator. “We have portfolio level views of our multifamily assets, our student housing assets, and our commercial assets where we can access dashboards that show real-time data about occupancy, operating costs, and more.”

“We’re able to look at North American Properties as a whole, all in one card,” said Eileen Varghese, Business Intelligence Analyst at North American Properties. “It doesn’t take weeks anymore to bring in data from different properties. All they have to do is run the record and we’re done.” 

Democratizing access to data.

Domo is used across the organization to generate insight. The CEO and other executives use Domo to help plan the future, while individual property managers use it to better operate in the present. Benator uses Domo to see at a glance the outstanding loan balance on each property to make faster, more informed decisions about future financing needs.  


Benator estimates that the business intelligence team saves about a day each time it has a request for data, significantly improving their ability to leverage insights. “When I get on a call with a lender or a partner and they ask about something like occupancy of a property or net operating income of an asset, I can answer right there,” he said.  

Domo is also used during the board meetings in lieu of PowerPoint presentations, allowing the team to present real-time data that can be explored during the meeting to answer any questions.  

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