“We have every single part of our supply chain in Domo. There’s so much we can think about and do now. There are no limits.”

Paulo Gaspar

Chief Information Officer at Lusiaves

Lusiaves Group is one of the leading producers of eggs and poultry in Portugal and Spain, with more than 41 facilities across more than 40 business units across the Iberian Peninsula. 



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€400 million in revenue

This poultry and egg producer needed an intuitive view of its entire farm to table supply chain, and it struggled to connect and leverage all the data created by its 40+ business units.

Lusiaves uses Domo to integrate its data warehousing, governance, reporting, analytics, and visualizations in one solution.

Users across each business unit can now make data-driven decisions across every point in the supply chain.



Lusiaves delivers more poultry to plates with Domo.

As the leading poultry producer across the Iberian Peninsula, Lusiaves Group grows and processes more than 100 million eggs, chicks, and chickens per year by leveraging a portfolio of vertically integrated companies spanning grain production and feed processing, poultry farms, slaughterhouses and further processing, food packaging, and warehouse logistics and freight transportation. To ensure quality across its supply chain from farm to table, Lusiaves relies on Domo to provide the single source of truth required to manage more than 40 sub-companies.  

“Every single part of our supply chain is in Domo. Whatever question we can think about, I am sure we can answer it,” said Paulo Gaspar, Chief Information Officer at Lusiaves.


Creating a modern data approach.

Before Domo, Lusiaves struggled to collect data from the dozens of legacy systems used by its separate business units. Not only was it difficult to collect, verify, and share data, but the company lacked the ability to effectively leverage reporting or visualizations as part of its decision-making process.  

“At that time, we were really in the stone age in how we leveraged data,” Gaspar said. “For example, our sales department had one or two people dedicated to spending the whole month just preparing the numbers from the previous month to share with sales reps. Not only was the information out of date, but it was likely full of mistakes as data was converted back and forth between kilos and units.”

Gaspar says that his top digital transformation priority was to find a solution that would solve all his data problems at once: warehousing, governance, integration, reporting, analytics, and visualizations. That made the choice of Domo simple.


“Domo brought all our data from our legacy systems into one place and made that data available all the time to everyone,” Gaspar said. “Domo was the all-in-one solution I was looking for.”

Thanks to Domo, Lusiaves is now able to unlock the full power of its data across all its business units. Instead of spending weeks collecting sales data like before, sales reps now automatically get their sales performance KPIs emailed to them each morning, keeping reps motivated to sell more.

“Reps now know how they are doing every single day, not once a month with a three-week delay. The motivation of the whole team has increased substantially,” Gaspar said.  

Integrating data together.

Each of the business units that make up Lusiaves Group has a direct impact on the others. Feed produced by one unit feeds baby chicks tended by another. Meat processed across multiple slaughterhouses is distributed to restaurants and retailers through the company’s logistics units.  

Lusiaves uses Domo to automatically collect and certify all the data created by each business unit and department, ensuring consistency and accuracy across the entire product lifecycle.  

“We track everything in Domo: how many chickens we have, how fast they are growing, which trucks are due for maintenance, how much we are growing key accounts, the efficiency of each production line, our social media engagement, financial information, how much solar power we’re producing, staff attrition, you name it,” Gaspar said.

As a result, users across Lusiaves have incorporated Domo into every aspect of their daily lives. “People run meetings on top of Domo. Sales reps check their phones before they leave the house to review their dashboards. It’s changed our culture to create a data-driven mindset,” Gaspar said.

“We use Domo to handle all of the daily indicators for poultry production, including rearing, egg production, and poultry production,” said Pedro Ferreira, manager of the poultry department for Lusiaves. “By accessing data like mortality rates and reject rates in real time, we can improve production conditions to enhance the well-being of the animals.”


“I use Domo on a daily basis. It’s a tool that helps me quickly find the data I’m interested in so we can use it to reduce the usual waste of a production unit in real time,” said Joao Pedro Silva, operations director at Racentro, one of Lusiaves’ feed factory business units.  

The organization also uses its data to better anticipate and respond to business challenges. For example, logistics managers were able to analyze fuel usage and ramp up storage in anticipation of shortages due to an impending strike by truck drivers for a local fuel company. “We were able to bring in more fuel ahead of time and keep delivering when our competitors had to stop because they ran out of fuel,” Gaspar said.  

Doing more with data.

Lusiaves meets the data needs of hundreds of users across dozens of business units and departments with just two business intelligence analysts. To do so, the organization leverages personalized data permissions to create a single verified data set, which is then filtered for each user based on entitlement policies. By creating one dashboard and specifying who can access information, individual managers only see the data that pertains to their department, while directors can access data across all the units in their purview.  

Users are also able to customize dashboards on the fly to explore shared data in new ways. “More and more, we see people across the organization creating their own dashboards and sharing them with co-workers,” said Marcelo Carvalho, business intelligence manager at Lusiaves.  

Now that Domo is integrated into every facet of the business, Lusiaves is hard at work thinking about the next generation of data-driven solutions, applications, and use cases it can leverage.  


“We have every single part of our supply chain in Domo. There’s so much we can think about and do now. There are no limits.”

Paulo Gaspar | Chief Information Officer at Lusiaves

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