“Domo allows us to generate insights we wouldn’t have been able to get to before.”

Amber McMillan

Senior Vice President, Fitness and Weight Loss

Life Time is the nation’s only Healthy Way of Life brand that owns and operates more than 160 athletic clubs, a comprehensive digital platform, a portfolio of iconic athletic events, and other health and wellness products, services, and solutions.



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Life Time needed a way to enable data-driven decision making as it continued to grow its Healthy Way of Life brand.

With the help of Domo, the brand is now able to unlock the insights required to grow across categories while navigating the complexity of operating an in-person business during the pandemic.

Life Time leaders and teams now leverage data at the company, regional, and local level in a new way to optimize its locations, services, and future offerings.


Life Time empowers healthy lives and a healthy business with Domo.

Since opening its first athletic club 30 years ago, Life Time has evolved into an omnichannel healthy lifestyle company dedicated to helping its members live healthy, happy lives. Not only does the company have nearly 160 athletic clubs across North America, but it delivers a leading fitness app, runs more than 30 major athletic events, and owns premium co-working spaces and multi-use luxury residence communities.

Life Time collaborates with Domo to help manage the brand’s rapid growth across multiple categories while navigating the challenges of operating an in-person business during the pandemic.


Delivering new health and wellness opportunities.

Life Time relied on Domo during the early days of the pandemic to analyze its expanded digital offerings. To meet members where they were, Life Time added on-demand and live-streaming fitness classes to its app, followed by features such as health talks, virtual coaching, meditation, and in-person class registration.

Not only did the Life Time app provide members with the tools to stay fit during club closures, but Life Time was also able to use data generated by the app to have a better understanding of its members and their goals. By bringing this data into Domo for executives to analyze, the company can make smarter decisions about what classes and new services to offer.


“One of the biggest things we need to keep our fingers on the pulse of is the goals of our members. That’s what Domo does. I don’t have to guess; now I can see,” said Singh. “By requiring registration through the app for our classes, we now have data that shows what members value.”

This data not only helps Life Time deliver more value across all its locations, but allows it to look at trends at a regional or even location level to ensure that each location meets the needs of its specific members. For example, Singh notes that squash is popular on the East Coast but rarely played in the Midwest, while pickleball is on the rise across all its markets.

“Our data gives us insights into how we can configure our physical spaces better,” said Sam Campbell, Principal of Strategic Insights at Life Time. “We can look at class participation to understand where the interest lies for each region and club so we can deliver offerings that members care about. We have the data to support the decision, so it’s a no-brainer.”

One of its most successful new product launches is a virtual weight loss program that helps people create, track, and achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. Thanks to Domo, the Life Time team can visualize how people are using the app and when they stop participating, enabling the team to optimize the program to ensure people stay engaged throughout the duration of their weight loss journey. Thanks to their ability to use data to quickly iterate, Life Time grew app usage to 70,000 members in its first six months.


Creating financial clarity.

Before Domo, Life Time struggled with a complex spreadsheet-driven finance reporting process that would take hours to consolidate and email out to different leaders each week. This left the finance team with little time to analyze the data for insights to provide to field leaders. Thanks to Domo, finance data is now automatically added to the platform in real time so managers can access insights on a daily instead of weekly basis.

“Not only do I not have to email reports out, but we can leverage the Domo platform to appeal to all the different ways people like to consume data,” said Madison Smith, Senior Manager of Finance at Life Time.

“Instead of just consuming data in a table format like before, people can now visualize it in charts and graphs. One of my favorites is visualizing data on a US map, which can show very quickly where we are leading, where we are lagging, and how it’s impacting our KPIs,” she said.

In addition, Smith uses personalized data permissions to ensure that sensitive data is only accessible to the right people, saving her from creating and sending out multiple versions of a report.

“Before, we had to be extremely cautious about sending out sensitive information, so we would spend a lot of time filtering our reports to make sure field teams only get the data they need. With Domo, we don’t have to worry about access to large sets of data because we can set permissions so that the output they see is only relevant to them,” Smith said.

Creating the future of health.

With a long-term vision of being the most well-known health brand on the market, Life Time is positioned to leverage all the data at its disposal in order to help its members become healthier at every touchpoint and in every facet of their lives.

“The future of our industry is to have a happy marriage of physical offerings and digital capabilities. To support that vision, Domo helps make every business decision about our services driven and measured by data,” Singh said.


“One of the greatest things that Domo does for me personally is to put data at my fingertips and make it consumable. It allows me to drill down and look at data that I didn’t even know I was looking for.”

RJ Singh | Chief Digital Officer


“Domo allows us to generate insights we wouldn’t have been able to get to before,” McMillan said. “It allows us to get more and more curious about what is happening in the business.”

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