“Data in and of itself isn’t explicitly valuable, but it is once you can start telling a better story.”

John Miller

Director of Business Operations, Jamf







Jamf is a software company that is the developer of Jamf Pro, an application used by system administrators to configure and automate IT administration tasks for macOS, iOS, and tvOS devices. The product includes server and client software that runs on iOS, macOS, and tvOS.


High Tech

Domo Users


Departments using Domo

CEO/C-Suite, IT, Operations, Other

Company Size

1,300+ employees


  • Increased speed to resolution for customer service tickets
  • Automation of manual processes, increasing speed and accuracy of reporting
  • Swift adoption of data-culture across all global BU’s with clear leaders stepping- up to use data
  • Streamlined governance and increased security


Data as a philosophy.

Jamf, the world’s largest Apple device deployment company uses Domo to empower its teams to create better product experiences and services for the company’s 40,000+ clients. Jamf leverages data to make sense of a complex business, gaining faster and more powerful insights to fuel the company’s impressive growth.



Domo’s easy-to-use tools empower Jamf to put data to work in day-to-day decision making. The speed at which data has become part and parcel of the culture at Jamf has been nothing short of astounding and the self-service nature of Domo’s tools have transformed data from a rarefied department into a company-wide philosophy.


Starting small.

Domo was initially implemented to help Jamf address challenges around fall-off within a critical customer journey. Through a quick analysis, the pain-point was rooted-out and the issue swiftly resolved. Senior leadership began asking, “what else can we do with Domo? Seeing what we could extrapolate from the data and what we could understand about our customers became more and more important. That was the start of the journey.”

Access to a tool as agile as Domo, has given Jamf a major lift — beyond automation, Domo has inspired individuals across departments to step-up, act on their own curiosity, and use data to punch well above their weight.


“Domo has been a lifesaver. Instead of repetitive manual reporting in excel we have shifted our focus to digging into the data — asking bigger and more dynamic questions.”

Alexis Humphrey | Senior Business Intelligence Data Analyst


A demand for data.

Working with Domo has created a cultural shift where team members feel empowered and demand more data across every business unit. The perception around data has shifted, too. Leveraging data has become a natural reflex, and users now expect it pushed to their phones in real-time.



From cloud engineering to customer service, from sales to finance, business units have vastly different needs for data and automation. Domo allows for a customized approach to BI regardless of department and individuals, led by their own organic interests have quickly taken to Domo. So much in fact, that Jamf has created a team of department leaders or “Force Multipliers” who have advanced their careers at Jamf by mastering Domo, deploying ever-more sophisticated models, tools and certified datasets that move the needle for Jamf.


Trusting your sources.

How can a casual user have confidence in the data without a deep understanding of the back-end systems? Domo allows Jamf to quickly certify datasets so that end-users can leverage information to perform better, provide clearer insights, and serve vetted data to the executive team.


“I get goosebumps just thinking about it. I’ve never had anything like this [Domo] in my 30 year career.”


Having confidence in the data has created a culture of curiosity. JAMF is able to uncover insights and take action with the assurance decisions are tied to real, certified datasets.


“More and more people are asking, ‘does this have a Domo connection? Can we visualize this in Domo?’ Especially coming from the top. Our executive team loves being able to see things in one place without having to log into multiple views.”


Governance in the cloud.

Before the Jamf IPO, Domo was an open-ended tool, available across the organization. Because Domo is cloud native, with no on-premise hardware, it was easily and readily embraced by Jamf 10 global offices.

As the company expanded, the culture of self-service data moved much faster than anticipated. As a result of the IPO, the need for stricter organization, security, and governance has become essential.



“A lot of trust is placed in Jamf to be good stewards of [customer] data. Having it all come through one source [Domo], we can manage that efficiently at scale without sacrificing or putting at risk the trust our customers have in us.”


Domo’s tools helped Jamf to quickly adapt and transition from an open model to a governed model with minimal disruption to the business, “it was very straightforward for us to solve [governance] within Domo, without putting an incredibly significant burden on the team.”

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