“Right away, I could see Domo would be a game changer.”

Tadd Gibson

Financial Systems and Reporting Leader

As a leading global medical technology, pharmaceutical diagnostics, and digital solutions innovator, GE Healthcare enables clinicians to make faster, more informed decisions through intelligent devices, data analytics, applications, and services, supported by its Edison intelligence platform.


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While the company had several BI tools already at its disposal, GE Healthcare’s finance users still struggled to share and leverage real-time data.

Thanks to Domo, GE Healthcare finance has a single source of truth and can quickly share data and reports on a global scale for mass consumption.

Business users across finance, commercial operations/sales, and other functions rely on Domo as a primary BI (visualization and analytics) tool.


GE Healthcare finance leverages Domo for strategic advantage.

GE Healthcare provides a wide range of leading imaging devices, ultrasound solutions, healthcare IT platforms, and dozens of other value-added solutions. Although this leading edge healthcare company had several BI tools within finance, no single solution supported a self-service model that allowed business users to easily create visualizations, share data, and support transactional level commentary. Thanks to Domo, GE Healthcare can quickly share data and reports on a global scale for mass consumption. As a result, business users across finance, commercial operations/sales, and other functions rely on Domo as a primary BI tool.

“Data has a significant impact in healthcare. Domo has helped us take our use of internal financial and operational data to the next strategic level,” said Tadd Gibson, Financial Systems and Reporting Leader at GE Healthcare. “We use Domo in every corner of the world. The adoption of Domo at GE Healthcare has really been one of our success stories.”


Improving the use of data.

Before adding Domo to GE Healthcare’s BI portfolio, dashboards could take months to build. This created internal frustration and required a high dependency on the technology team. By moving to a self-service model using Domo, the finance team and other functional groups began to control their own destiny. Through internal partnership with GE Healthcare’s technology team, certified datasets were created and made available for mass consumption for Domo card builders. By focusing on this single source of truth, multiple regular operational meetings moved from using labor intensive PowerPoint presentations to using live Domo cards to lead the discussions.

“We can create dashboards within hours instead of weeks, months, or quarters,” Gibson said. “We can pull up Domo in a meeting to access all our data sources at once, while taking regular snapshots of data to compare as needed.”


With data changing by the second, the company relies heavily on alerts to help business users know when specific metrics are reached, data has had a material change, or there was an interfaced failure without having to constantly monitor a card. “Alerts are a feature we weren’t able to leverage in our other tools,” said Thaddeus Budde, Financial Systems Analyst at GE Healthcare.

“Alerts and scheduled reports are probably the two features that have the highest usage in all our organization,” said Linda Fligg, Senior Business Operations Analyst at GE Healthcare. “Alerts tell me whenever a particular value has either increased or decreased by a particular percentage, while scheduled reports literally send me an entire view of what the dashboard looks like on a particular day.” This was a major time saving initiative that was a byproduct of moving to Domo.


“Right away, I could see Domo would be a game changer.”

Tadd Gibson | Financial Systems and Reporting Leader


Scaling user engagement.

GE Healthcare began using Domo with a small proof of concept user base of 100 willing participants. By rolling it out to just a handful of users, the goal was to see how it compared to all other BI solutions in GE Healthcare’s toolkit. “Right away, I could see Domo would be a game changer,” Gibson said.

Today, more than 2,500 GE Healthcare employees rely on Domo as a primary BI tool. To help manage this growth and ensure business users maximize their Domo skillsets, GE Healthcare has a robust training plan and user support community.


Training is separated into two tracks: those who are major content creators, and business users who leverage Domo as participants. The company has focused on getting power users certified as MajorDomos, so they can share best practices in their offices and departments around the globe.

“I always highly recommend education hours and certification to others, because for me personally it took my skills to the next level,” Fligg said. “One of the best parts for me was learning Magic ETL so I could create my own datasets instead of having to rely on our team of engineers.”

Self-service education helps users learn at their own pace, while an internal user community provides a channel where users can ask and answer questions, share best practices, teach others their favorite tips and tricks, and help other teams learn from use cases across departments.

“It’s really benefited us in that we have so much brain power of users available who can answer questions and help other people who are just getting up and going within Domo,” Budde said. “We’ve been able to scale our user group, while the team we have dedicated to guiding people hasn’t had to increase their work.”

“It’s been really cool to see operations, finance, and other groups come together and morph Domo into what works for them,” Gibson said.


“I’ve been around finance for 30 years, and Domo is the only tool I’ve ever heard finance people describe as fun.”

Tadd Gibson | Financial Systems and Reporting Leader


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