A manufacturer of multifunction devices such as printers, scanners and faxes, Fuji Xerox leads the Australian office segment with 30-40% market share. It also dominates the production segment controlling around 60% of the market.




Departments using Domo


Company Size

1600+ employees

Before Domo

Visualizing data was one of the key problem areas for Fuji Xerox before implementing Domo. The company also faced speed and agility challenges,
taking months to solve even the simplest problem because of the time it took to request cards and charts with the Business Intelligence software it was currently using.

  • Clean data to back up sales performance
  • Impact: Speed, visibility and robustness from prospect to order

“I went to our IT Director and said I’ve got several problems, two specifically right now that I need to solve and I can’t wait 6-months or a year to solve them. I need to solve them right now.”

Richard Salmond | Leadership Team & Financial Planning and Analysis Manager


After Domo

Knowing the data was out there but in systems that didn’t populate into an easy to digest format, Richard and his team created an environment in Domo that would give full visibility, especially across the customer service engineers, sales and marketing aspects of the business.



Sales transparency.

Each month, the Fuji Xerox sales team would call out a number for the month, but there was nothing behind it to verify or check what stage each of the sales activities were in. Pooling data from various sources such as the CRM tool and ERP system not only gave the sales team a clear picture of each stage the customer or prospect was in, but helped clean up the CRM data.


“There was a sudden improvement in the population of the CRM tool because with the visibility Domo gave us people were being held to account.”

Richard Salmond | Leadership Team & Financial Planning and Analysis Manager



At Fuji Xerox, there are many different levels, such as device sale, service click charge, software, etc.. so the company needed profitability transparency and visibility across all lines of the business. Through using Domo, Fuji Xerox modelled out the projected profitability for the lifetime of a device base on the industry, including factoring in additional costs such as one-off installation fees.

“We now have complete visibility, including a breakdown of gross profit at every level. Through using Domo, we’re able to view each customer and then ‘x’ product for that customer and further still by line of business within those products.”

Richard Salmond | Leadership Team & Financial Planning and Analysis Manager



Operational efficiency.

Fuji Xerox have approximately 250 Service engineers servicing the 130 thousand devices, many of which are on a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This represents a significant proportion of their labour costs and impacts the customer satisfaction significantly. As all engineers have handheld devices, Fuji Xerox is able to track a variety of data through Domo. For example the first job of the day, number of devices attended, weighted calls, direct hours vs overtime, parts and material

“We previously used a monthly static dashboard in Excel. Now with using Domo we have daily dashboard on 3 levels; Regional, Team & Specific
Engineer. All the data is fed back daily to management; regional and national, which empowers them and increases job satisfaction & productivity.”

Richard Salmond | Leadership Team & Financial Planning and Analysis Manager


Better accuracy.

With 130 thousand devices being used across Australia and 15 million lines of data received by the service team each month, human error slip ups can occur. With customers who pay per click for example, colour printing rates can be entered into the black and white rates and vice versa.

“We connected a table that looks into our Aurora systems and within an hour I had an alarming quantity of customers that were on 0-3 cents that shouldn’t have ever been on that. Now if a black and white rate is ever higher than a color, Domo sends me an alert.”

Richard Salmond | Leadership Team & Financial Planning and Analysis Manager


Customer retention and satisfaction.

Prior to using Domo, it was up to the sales teams to keep on top of contract renewals and device upgrades. However due to the sheer volume of machines and contracts around Australia this could fall behind. Using Domo, the company was able to quickly identify 4,000 devices that hadn’t been visited by a sales person, slice them into segments and now has the potential to target them with renewal offers and incentives – a highly efficient and low-cost way to resign customers.

The bottom line.

"Domo has raised the profle of our team and put us at the forefront of the business."
Richard Salmond | Leadership Team & Financial Planning and Analysis Manager

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