“Out of the gate, it was our fastest-selling add-on ever.” 

Tammy Marinac

Director of Product Marketing

Fluxx is the industry-leading cloud-first grantmaking solution. More than 400 world-class foundations and government organizations use Fluxx, including 10 of the top 20 foundations, granting more than $15 billion annually and impacting more than 150,000 non-profits around the world. Purpose-built by grantmakers for grantmaking, Fluxx is women-led, a DEI champion, and a Pledge 1% member organization.


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100 employees

Challenge: Fluxx had a limited set of reporting tools included in its core product, preventing some customers from making the most of their data.

Solution: Fluxx used Domo Everywhere to create an analytics add-on product, Grantelligence, that gives customers increased visibility into their KPIs. 

Impact: In its limited availability release of the new analytics product, Fluxx was able to convert 30% of its beta testers into paying customers, making it one of the company’s fastest-selling products ever.


Fluxx uses data to make grantmaking smarter with Domo.

As the leading cloud-based grants management solution on the market, Fluxx allows philanthropic and public sector grantmaking organizations to simplify their work and amplify their impact. In order to maintain its competitive position and provide customers with more value, Fluxx embeds Domo’s analytic capabilities into its existing site via Domo Everywhere.

Domo provides the insights required to help the people giving away money to do it faster and with more accuracy. It allows them to tell powerful stories about their impact,” said Tammy Marinac, Director of Product Marketing at Fluxx.

Focusing on insights.

When Fluxx first launched in 2010, its founders focused on building a modern grantmaking platform that would allow its customers to collaborate, budget, and forecast more effectively. While it offered a set of reporting tools out of the box, Marinac says that more complex and visual reporting was not the core focus of the engineering team. The software offered a dozen pre-built reports, and most visualizations had to be done through an Excel plug-in.

Reporting wasn’t a focus of our initial build, simply because our customers were often using paper-based files or simple databases to do their daily work, and we were focused on getting them into a modern, cloud platform. Business intelligence – or as Fluxx calls it, grantmaking intelligence – had to take a back seat when we started, but as our customers matured, we knew we needed to provide them with the tools to do more with their data,” said Marinac.

The product team quickly determined that building a comprehensive reporting and analytics solution in-house would take time and effort that could be better spent focusing on its core capabilities. After a comprehensive review of its outside options, the team selected Domo as its technology partner.

Domo’s security and overall ease of use were key for us, along with the ability to embed the solution into our product,” Marinac said. “Our customers live in our tool, so we didn’t want to provide an integration that would send them somewhere else. Domo Everywhere makes it feel native to Fluxx and keeps our customers from having to jump back and forth among browsers all day.


Maximizing visibility with Domo Everywhere.
Fluxx used Domo Everywhere to create an analytics add-on called ‘Grantelligence’ that it can sell to users of its core product suite. With Grantelligence, Fluxx can now deliver embedded self-serve analytics that allows grant managers, program officers, and executives to incorporate all their grantmaking data into how they manage projects, track budgets, monitor compliance, and forecast giving. “Anyone in the organization who wants to have access can have access. Our tool is meant to be used by everyone, and we see it as key to driving internal collaboration as well as transparency with our customers’ customers – their non profit grantees,” Marinac said.

Grantelligence is meant to be a turnkey solution, so it includes pre-built, persona-based dashboards as well as pre-built data tables. “On day one, grant managers can log in and have an at-a-glance understanding of things like their grant request review statuses, the amount of money that is due compared to already paid out, and staff workload,” said Marinac. Grant managers use this insight to identify bottlenecks, redeploy resources, and quantify the value they provide. “The way we set up the cards is that all types of different questions can get answered by the visualizations,” Marinac said.


In addition, an executive dashboard makes it simple for leaders to keep their finger on the pulse of their organization. Rather than ask a team member to manually pull a report, executives can access and monitor key operational data for making decisions and keeping their boards informed. “The data just automatically updates, and they can generate a report in a PDF or PowerPoint with a click and present it to their Board. Users love it. It’s a huge time saver for those at each org who end up being responsible for these outputs. The people who have to respond to requests from various teams at various times and meticulously craft the report each need. Now there is no need to re-build reports because every user can have access, and they can simply log in to review or grab what they need. The efficiencies gained across teams can be significant..”

Turning insights into a new revenue stream.

Grantelligence is an add-on product that customers pay to opt into, creating a new revenue stream for Fluxx. “We still offer our basic reporting for customers who only need that,” Marinac said. “We position Grantelligence as the tool for organizations that want to maximize their data usage, and today’s grantmakers are finally ready for that next step.”

Fluxx released Grantelligence as a limited availability offering to select customers in early 2023 and made it generally available in August 2023. Marinac says that the level of insights the add-on delivers allows Fluxx to charge a premium compared to other add-ons, while at the same time making it an easy product to sell.

Out of the gate, it was our fastest-selling add-on ever. Not only did 30% of our beta testers immediately purchase it, but I was at an event where I had a line of customers coming up to our booth asking about it. The word of mouth is huge. Customers were saying, ‘Put me on your list, I’m ready to sign up as soon as it’s available.’ Within a month of being widely available, it was our #2 add-on of the year and within arm’s reach of the #1 spot.”

Grantelligence will allow Fluxx to maintain and even grow its industry-leading position as its competitors continue to mature. “This won’t just be an upsell to existing customers, but will help us land deals. The UI of our core product is function-first, which customers love because it provides everything they need to get work done, but Grantelligence provides our customers something different. A way to not only uncover insights but also to showcase their work to both internal and external audiences. I love that we can now provide both those things,” Marinac said.


“We’re really proud of our ability to modernize how our customers approach data analytics. We are a leader in the industry. No other competitor has analytics tools as robust or as seamless as Grantelligence.” 

Tammy Marinac | Director of Product Marketing at Fluxx

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