“Edify and Domo together are saving lives every single day.”

Manoj Perumal

Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Edify

Edify’s technology provides actionable insights to stakeholders, allowing them to change frontline behavior, reduce workplace injuries in high-risk environments, and decrease claims and insurance costs.


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25 employees

Challenge: Before Domo, Edify struggled to deliver the dashboards required to help businesses uncover safety insights. 

Solution: Thanks to Domo Everywhere, Edify can embed Domo dashboards directly into its platform to enable faster, richer insights to its clients. 

Impact: Edify’s clients can easily filter dashboards and garner insights by utilizing Domo.AI conversational capabilities.


Edify helps more workers go home safely with Domo.

Edify is on a mission to ensure that frontline workers in high-risk industries like construction, mining, energy, and manufacturing make it home safe every day. Edify provides the technology and actionable insights companies need to improve processes, change frontline behavior, and reduce workplace injuries. Thanks to Domo, Edify is able to deliver the dashboards their customers rely on to keep workers safe.

Domo is literally embedded inside our product. People think it’s our product, which we love,” said Cory Linton, CEO and Co-Founder at Edify.


Bringing frontline safety data to the forefront.

Edify’s platform collects frontline safety data to help leaders and workers alike make more informed decisions about how to drive safer behavior. Before Domo, Edify struggled to find a tool that would help it easily extract data from different sources or display it quickly.

We had dashboards we had natively built that were choking under the amount of data we had,” Linton said. “We had developers spending time building these internal dashboards that were falling apart with our customers.”

Utilizing Domo Everywhere, Edify is now able to embed Domo dashboards directly into its platform, enabling faster insights for its customers while freeing developers to focus on other initiatives.

One of the things I really love about Domo is that it enables us to do way more than we could do on our own. Literally in two weeks, we had Domo embedded in our software product. I look at what we spent on Domo compared to what we were spending on internal development for an inferior solution, and there’s not even a comparison,” Linton said.

Domo was a life-changing experience for us,” said Manoj Perumal, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Edify. “Domo made it very easy for us to create a bunch of standard dashboards, cater them to specific customer segments, and easily embed them into our product with our branding.”


We care a lot about the user experience, so it was important to us that embedded Domo analytics look and feel like our product. You can’t tell the difference between whether it’s our product or Domo. We also wanted to give users control of everything, and that’s what Domo provides; we simply pass on that control to our customer,” Perumal said.

While the dashboards are seamlessly integrated into Edify’s product, its customers quickly noticed the difference.

One of our biggest construction customers uses our software for their safety program from top to bottom. They’ve been very excited about the work we’ve done with Domo,” Linton said. “As soon as we started implementing the Domo dashboards, they could see what they wanted and get it very quickly. They tell us that, literally every Monday morning, their leadership teams all over the country pull up their dashboards to discover what they can do to reduce the likelihood of somebody getting hurt that week.”

Another global customer wanted to improve the safety reporting process for its construction contractors. Rather than send a scorecard report once a month, the customer now uses Edify to collect and analyze data in real time. “This company had been working on a solution internally for months. Using Domo, we put a solution together in two weeks that shows live data. Instead of getting a PDF in an email once a month, it’s live right there.”

For another customer, Edify used Domo to help a major construction customer reduce work vehicle injuries. “With Domo, we were able to help them discover how many employees weren’t wearing seatbelts, which is one of the easiest ways to lower the risk of major injury. It helped make it very clear they had a seatbelt problem so they could focus their training,” Linton said.

Engaging dashboards with conversational AI.

To make analytics even more accessible, Edify worked with Domo to incorporate conversational artificial intelligence into its product. Instead of clicking through forms and dashboards, workers in the field can speak directly to the app and get answers instantly.

People in the field need to get data as quickly as possible. A project manager can talk to our app, and the conversational AI will fill out all the filters for them so they can see the data very quickly,” Linton said. “Domo makes data easier for the non-data person.”



“For one customer, the safety director told us he used to spend 45 minutes before a meeting going through dashboards to filter data. The conversational dashboard makes that filtering happen in less than five seconds. That’s the difference it will make in people’s everyday life. I think Edify and Domo together are saving lives every single day.” 

Manoj Perumal | Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Edify

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