“Today, I can create a report in 30 minutes that used to take 30 days.”

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Dr. Consulta is a Brazil-based healthcare company dedicated to providing high-quality, low-cost care through more than 50 medical centers across the country.


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Challenge: This Brazilian healthcare provider struggled to easily collect and share data across its 50+ medical centers.

Solution: Dr. Consulta uses Domo to make its patient experience data accessible to the entire organization.

Impact: Dr. Consulta increased its patient satisfaction scores and business performance while being able to eliminate 50% of its administrative overhead.


Dr. Consulta builds a healthy business with Domo.


In Brazil, healthcare is a constitutional right, with comprehensive and free medical coverage guaranteed to every citizen. However, the real-world complexities of healthcare often mean that the country’s poorest citizens lack access to timely, quality care from their public healthcare providers. While private market health clinics are available, the cost is often out of reach for many Brazilians.


Healthcare clinic startup Dr. Consulta was founded to help fill the gap in Brazil’s healthcare system by offering access to the same high-quality care of a private health provider at a low cost. By focusing on providing same-day outpatient care at 50 medical centers in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, and Rio De Janeiro, Dr. Consulta can help Brazilians get the care they need to stay healthy.


Delivering data-driven care.

In addition to placing its clinics in the heart of neighborhoods to improve accessibility and keeping doctors on-call to reduce wait times, Dr. Consulta has been able to improve the speed and quality of its care by making a massive commitment to data.

“Our key pillar is to ensure we make decisions through data, both in the clinical setting and in our administration,” said Dionisio Neto, Business Intelligence Manager at Dr. Consulta. “Everything the patient goes through is recorded in our system, from how long they wait for an appointment to the length of their visit to all of their patient records.”

Before Domo, Dr. Consulta struggled with a spreadsheet-driven process that created a delay in collecting and sharing information. Dionisio recalls the process of downloading patient satisfaction information from a database, building a spreadsheet, sending the spreadsheet to each medical center for analysis, and waiting for that analysis to come back to him for a final report. All told, the process would take about 30 days to generate the report. “Today, I can use Domo to create that same report in 30 minutes. We can now act on information like patient satisfaction scores instantly when it’s most critical,” said Dionisio. As a result, Dr. Consulta has been able to vastly improve its patient experience, increasing its Net Promoter Score (NPS) to 71.



Thanks to Domo’s ease of use, Dr. Consulta has been able to increase data visibility across the organization. “Our medical center managers, who are often nurses, have been able to start working with Domo without any training. This has given us the ability to extrapolate our use of data by giving each medical center greater visibility into its own indicators,” said Dionisio.

In addition, Dr. Consulta has been able to use Domo to increase accessibility to data for busy managers on the go. “Our regional managers use Domo on their phones 100% of the time,” said Dionisio. “With just a few clicks, they can see their entire regional center and then click on each medical center and its units to understand the gaps. It helps them manage all their medical centers no matter where they are.”



Building a culture of facts.


Dionisio estimates Domo has helped Dr. Consulta achieve a 15% boost in performance. “We gained some crucial indicators across the company at implementation, along with continuous gains as we’ve continued our Domo use,” he said. “We went from a culture of making opinion-based decisions to making fact-based decisions, which helps minimize mistakes and waste.”

In addition to boosting its patient satisfaction scores and business performance, Dr. Consulta has also used Domo to reduce its management layer by 50%. “Before Domo, we required a coordinator to be physically present at every medical center,” said Dionisio. “Today, we’re able to have one manager for every two to three medical centers. By using Domo to be more analytical and provide access to data to everyone, everywhere, we’ve been able to greatly reduce communication delays and increase efficiency.”

The bottom line.

“By moving from a culture of opinions to a culture of facts, we’ve been able to make faster, smarter decisions to add much more value to our patients and the company.”
Dionisio Neto | Business Intelligence Manager

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