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The challenge. Manual Process | Limited Visibility

"When you consider a normal company’s problems, ours were multiplied by two. We had a ton of data, but we didn’t know what to make of it. At the time, we were just distributing tables upon tables. The only people who knew what was going on were the people who had hours to invest in pouring through the tables."

— Brittany Biela | Marketing Analyst

The results.

"We’ve traditionally looked at data from a daily and weekly perspective. With that tiny view, it’s difficult to see trends. Domo allows us to look at the big picture and see high-level trends, while at the same time giving us the ability to drill down and get to the root of issues."

"Between value-adds and promotions, Domo helps me see what’s most profitable at the end of the day. I can see not just click-throughs and conversion rates, but the actual profitability of our campaigns."

"With Domo, I am able to do a lot more analysis as opposed to just reporting. We’re a lot more confident in our data — I don’t have to triple check everything to make sure it’s right, and I don’t have to ask as many questions because I know the answers already."

"Domo has been a clear WIN, and we haven’t really felt the need to go back and analyze the ROI. When you're running a race and you win the marathon by 3 hours, you don’t really need to go back and analyze how that happened. It’s a clear winner."

"One of our favorite features is the ability to transfer Domo cards over to a new data source rather than having to go back and reproduce them. My project manager was so impressed that I got an email saying 'This works like magic.'"

The bottom line.

The ease of use is what makes Domo so incredible. Our non-technical users can be just as Domo-savvy as our database developers. It’s impressive.
Brittany Biela | Marketing Analyst

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