"Domo’s platform combines impressive accessibility with extremely powerful insight into data."

Tu Vu

Chief Executive Officer

The global convenience store established its first Vietnamese outlets in June 2017, operated by local partner Seven Systems Vietnam and offering over 100 fresh local food items to the public. Since then, 7-Eleven’s Vietnam operations have grown by over two locations every month, and aims to reach 100 stores within the next three years.



Challenge: 7-Eleven was running its business on multiple retail systems, but wanted to condense their data into a single centralized platform to streamline for long-term growth.

Solution: Hundreds of Domo data connectors quickly integrated 7-Eleven Vietnam’s data platforms with existing business systems for a single source of truth and better business decisions.

Impact: Clean, trustworthy data led to improved speed and effectiveness of teams throughout the business.

Before Domo

The company was running its operations on multiple discrete retail-specific systems, but realised it needed a singular, centralised data platform to streamline its operations for long-term growth. As 7-Eleven Vietnam sought out greater visibility and more rigorous reporting in its data management, Domo enabled it to:

  • Link different datasets within a single overarching window into all its data
  • Visualise all data for more intuitive and prompt decision-making
  • Boost end-to-end efficiencies from logistics to points-of-sale

“Instead of spending hours reading and digesting reports, my team can instantly see trends in supply and demand across our entire network, thanks to Domo’s intuitive visualisations. In a few seconds, we can identify the issue, work out its potential root causes, and take decisive action.”

After Domo

Domo’s hundreds of data connectors helped 7-Eleven Vietnam to quickly integrate the data platform with its existing business systems, ranging from point-of-sale machines to software governing its supply chains and accounts. The result: a single source of truth that empowered 7-Eleven Vietnam’s people with clean, trustworthy data for every decision, improving the speed and effectiveness of teams throughout the business.

Greater Efficiencies

Insights from Domo have helped 7-Eleven Vietnam identify and resolve latent inefficiencies in its supply chain. Using Domo to examine KPIs like time per delivery, chosen routes, and break times for each store, the retailer’s leaders found themselves better equipped to hold their logistics providers to account—and work with them to achieve even better results than either thought possible.

In another instance, Domo tracked the time taken to fill trucks for delivery—down to the minutes taken for each individual product—which helped 7-Eleven Vietnam to precisely pick out issues with specific products amongst hundreds of SKUs. Some products, for example, were undergoing “break-bulk” too early in the supply chain process because a team had input an incorrect lot size in its ordering system—an issue that would’ve gone unnoticed without Domo’s comprehensive integration of 7-Eleven Vietnam’s datasets into a single picture.

“Domo allows us to identify incredibly obscure yet potentially costly issues within just hours, when otherwise, they would’ve taken weeks to discover. In most cases, the solutions prove simple and easy to implement, particularly when everyone has visibility over what is going on.”

Leaner Operations

With Domo, 7-Eleven Vietnam has also improved the accuracy of its deliveries while minimising issues of overstocking. The company has significantly reduced the workload on its late-night employees as a result, while also minimising the rate of late-night penalties it often incurs.

“Keeping employee counts low past midnight has definitely improved our profitability, as well as the overall well-being of our workers. Before Domo, we’d overstaff our stores to handle restocking during these hours, incurring a 30% penalty for each overnight staff. The data from Domo has allowed our store managers to restock with greater accuracy, which in turn has allowed us to keep operations lean and our bottom lines growing.”

Data-Driven Profitability

Tracking the sales of products across all their stores also enables the company’s product teams and store managers to gain greater insight into the buying habits of their customers. With Domo helping them pinpoint sales numbers of each individual store, the company ensures that its shelves can be constantly stocked with the most popular items in place of less popular ones.

Apart from minimising wastage and optimising its inventory management, 7-Eleven Vietnam has used the data to improve upselling across its stores. With the ability to process up to 20 billion rows of transactional data in parallel, Domo’s analytics capabilities have helped the retailer find correlations between different purchases and design promotions, bundles, and other incentives based on their
understanding of buying behaviours.

“Our product teams found in one instance that beer was consistently coming out on top for in-store sales, which shifted the conversation to how other products could benefit. What if we bundled our beer with a salty snack, for instance? Domo enabled us to not only identify these trends, but track the results of particular promotions or other strategies that we took in response to them.”

Results and Future Opportunities

Having all data at hand has allowed 7-Eleven Vietnam to gain constant visibility of its entire business and move with greater agility and accuracy to address challenges. From experimenting with low-stock alerts to making operations data available company-wide—cutting average meeting times from three hours to one in the process—the company continues to push the possibilities of what Domo can do to make its outlets run more cohesively, efficiently, and innovatively.


“I wake up with Domo on my phone. It’s the first thing I see, even before breakfast and coffee. I got my team to push back the update schedule from 7:15am to 6:15am, so I can immediately see all the data from the previous day.”

Tu Vu | Chief Executive Officer


Moving forwards, 7-11 Vietnam plans to upscale their Domo ecosystem by integrating the platform with existing SAP software, which allows for real-time analysis of financials and ERP data. Further, the company is also planning rollouts of Domo’s new retail suite to all their store clusters, which would allow the company to set performance metrics tied to individual stores and products. This, together with the financial and sales data provided by the integrated SA P software, will allow executives and store managers to push decisions
and hold more meaningful conversations, aided by an even finer layer of data at hand.

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