We are seeing a fundamental shift in the industry, where financial institutions must stay ahead of the curve in terms of customer demands, new competition, complexity in regulatory compliance requirements, and an increased emphasis on artificial intelligence and machine learning across operations. To navigate these trends and pressures, financial services firms need to unlock the potential of data across their entire value chain and put data at the heart of every decision and action.

Join us for an intimate discussion moderated by Mohammed Aaser, Chief Data Officer at Domo and Jon Wages, Senior Data Advisor at Origin Bank, to hear how they are modernizing their end-to-end strategies, from customer experience to planning and execution. With data and proactive decision-making at the heart of this transformation, leaders can drive change, and excel in their business, even amid volatility in the market, competitive pressures, and endless consumer choices.

Topics we will cover:

  • Improving cross-sell rates by analyzing customer data and predicting propensity to purchase or churn
  • Proactively monitoring risk with consolidated customer information
  • Gaining a competitive edge with accurate forecasting
  • Optimizing business operations from managing loan pipeline to targeting the right investments
  • Increasing sales pipeline by proactively managing leads and market trends


Mohammed Aaser is Domo’s Chief Data Officer (CDO), where he helps customers create innovative data apps and modern data experiences that accelerate key business processes and optimize strategic outcomes. Prior to Domo, Mohammed was CDO at McKinsey and Company, where he led the firm’s data innovation capabilities, accelerating development of data apps by combining deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge data sets, data management technology and data engineering. Mohammed received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota and holds an MBA from Harvard.
Jon Wages is the Senior Data Advisor at Origin Bank and has been with Origin Bank for more than 10 years. A graduate of Origin Bank’s Emerging Leaders Council, Jon works with departments and executives across Origin’s footprint to enable quicker and better decision-making. Jon attended Louisiana Tech University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree and developed a passion for all things related to data. Jon believes in order to use data in a meaningful way, you must live on the edge of the inside of your organization; fully committed to where you are and what you’re doing, while also deliberately being open to and searching out ideas and trends from outside of your industry in order to gain a strategic advantage. Jon currently resides in Monroe, Louisiana with his wife and their two dogs, Ellie and Lola.

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Unlocking the Next Level of Growth Using Data in Financial Services

June 22, 2022 | 5:30PM EST - 8:30PM EST

The Capital Grille Rockefeller Center

120 W 51st St. New York, NY 10020