Domo’s Temperature Scanning App

Your first line of defense for monitoring employee health.

Domo’s Temperature Scanning App allows you to implement temperature scanning as employees enter your building and monitor risks to ensure your facilities are safe for all employees.

Take temperatures safely and securely.

Assess employees’ temperatures daily by having employees take their temperatures at home, equipping your entrances with quick-scan thermometers, or even installing thermal imaging systems. Temperature readings are reported and shared with the app only as a status that states whether entry into the building is permitted—so no personal health information is ever shared.

Mitigate risks based on temperature readings.

Define the acceptable temperature range for entry into your building. You can also have employees and visitors answer additional questions as part of their entry. When someone registers a temperature that is too high or provides information that triggers a warning, you can send them to a testing center and make arrangements for remote work as needed. You can also trigger an automated trace in Domo’s Contact Tracing App.

Track status in real time.

Stay on top of any potential issues with at-a-glance views of key temperature metrics, including:

  • Number of employees scanned each day
  • Ratio of employees cleared vs. not cleared for entry
  • Employees who have been directed to get tested or stay at home
  • Status updates from employees who were denied entry

Domo's Get Back to Work Solution

Domo’s Get Back to Work Solution includes eight apps to ensure employee safety and business continuity.

Command Center App Icon

Command Center App

One stop to track and monitor your return to work.

Safe Worker App Icon

Safe Worker App

Stay connected and keep employees informed.

Contact Tracing App Icon

Contact Tracing App

Track potential exposures.

Powered by the Domo Business Cloud.

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Data Integration

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