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July 2019

New Help Center and Learning Experience


Domo Certification establishes your credibility as a master in Domo, helping you gain critical skills and further your career. Domo Certifications are available for Business Professionals and Data Professionals.

New Training Available


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  • Using Domo Embed




Recent Product Releases

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  • DataSet Alerts
  • Mobile 3.0
  • Dynamic Notebook Card
  • Stories Improvements
  • Updated Alert Center
  • Improved Search Filters
  • DomoStats People App

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Domo’s all-in-one data platform can help you to better integrate, interpret and use data to drive informed decision making across your business.

Data Integration

Solve back-end integration of any data, at cloud scale, without moving it anywhere.

BI & Analytics

Put well-governed analytics into the hands of every line of business: Finance, Sales, Marketing, Operations, HR and more.

Intelligent Apps

Modernize any business process at unbelievable speed with custom apps built on Domo.

Embedded Analytics

Seamlessly share data outside the walls of your organization with Domo Everywhere, Domo's embedded analytics solution.