Data where you need it

Domo drives action by putting data where work gets done, delivering actionable insights in real time to any device.

Data at your fingertips.

Domo brings data and insights to every corner of the company, delivering a consistent experience across all devices.

Real-time data to power decisions.

With mobile alerts and notifications, users know the second something happens, allowing them to take informed action.

Enterprise-grade governance

With dynamic data permissions, Domo ensures that users only see data they should, regardless of access method.

Power your business from anywhere.

Modern business requires teams to have access to data to make fast business decisions—anytime, anywhere. Domo’s mobile-first experience keeps data flowing and teams connected.

Enable self-service analytics

Let users answer their own questions with data in the palm of their hands: manipulate, analyze, and use data to drive business outcomes.


"96% of teams say it would help decision-making if all stakeholders were able to easily access the same, up-to-date data on their phones."

Dimensional Research, 2019. “eCommerce Marketplaces and Data: A Survey of Data-driven Decision Makers.”

Know instantly when data changes.

Get custom alerts on your phone when your KPIs change, so you can determine whether you need to take action.

"The mobile app is priceless. It enables people to focus on the tasks they’re trying to manage without having to go back to their desk to get on a computer.”

Chris Wolman | Reporting Analyst at Boyne Resorts

Optimize technical data teams.

With empowered end users, data teams have fewer ad-hoc data requests and can focus on technical and strategic work that drives value.

“The sales team is constantly looking at customer data on their phone before they head out to a site so they understand customer health across the board, and then they can direct the conversation when they’re out meeting with the customer.”

Chelsea Schaefer | Director of Analytics at Swagelok Texas Mid-Coast

Collaborate with teammates from anywhere.

Domo’s mobile app makes it easy to stay connected, even when you’re apart. Share mission-critical data via text or connect in-context using Buzz.

Putting your data to work

Explore the data experiences that trigger better, faster decisions across every team and function.

Visualizations & Dashboards

Create interactive, easy-to-use visualizations that support "Aha!" moments.

Reporting & Self-Service Analytics

Modernize your reporting with real-time data that everyone can self-serve.

Business Apps

Build low- or pro-code apps that improve operational processes.

Embedded Analytics

Securely share data and insights outside your organization.


Deliver actionable data experiences that scale with an AI framework you can trust.


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