Intelligent Business Apps

In addition to tools to integrate and analyze your data, Domo's open cloud platform includes a layer of intelligent business apps to help you get meaningful, actionable insights to your business.

Business at the speed of apps.

Domo’s intelligent apps are designed to address your most pressing business challenges for specific roles, industries, and technology needs. You can build any app on Domo’s cloud platform in just days, with no hardware or storage costs. Here are a few examples of innovative apps built on Domo’s platform.

Improve sales processes and performance.

Sales Commission Transparency App Icon

Sales Commission Transparency App

Help sales teams understand how commissions are paid.

Sales Scorecard App Icon

Sales Scorecard App

Track sales rep performance.


Improve conversion rates and ROI.

Campaigns App Icon

Campaigns App

Send out more effective campaigns.

Digital 360 App Icon

Digital 360 App

Track programs toward performance goals.


Manage retail operations from anywhere.

Retail Store Performance App Icon

Retail Store Performance App

Monitor all aspects of your retail store operations.

Franchise Performance App Icon

Franchise Performance App

Keep up on status at each franchise location.


Automate and modernize business processes.

Form Builder App Icon

Form Builder App

Update the way you create forms and questionnaires.

Inline Editing App Icon

Inline Editing App

Update datasets by simply editing lines of data.

Flex Map App Icon

Flex Map App

Find unique insights with map technology.


See how Domo customers are putting apps to work.

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Putting your data to work

Explore the data experiences that trigger better, faster decisions across every team and function.

Visualizations & Dashboards

Create interactive, easy-to-use visualizations that support "Aha!" moments.

Reporting & Self-Service Analytics

Modernize your reporting with real-time data that everyone can self-serve.

Business Apps

Build low- or pro-code apps that improve operational processes.

Embedded Analytics

Securely share data and insights outside your organization.


Deliver actionable data experiences that scale with an AI framework you can trust.


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