Business Apps

Empower teams to take action on data.

Business Apps are highly curated data experiences that enable anyone to automate business processes and confidently take action using flexible App Creation Tools.

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Build apps that make data interactive, automate tasks, and get work done.

Domo App Creation Tools combine all your data and analytics into experiences that improve operational processes.

Customize to your business needs.
Tailor your apps to address your teams’ unique business and operational needs.
Make processes more efficient.
Provide all the information teams need to take the next right step and eliminate back-and-forth.
Automate workflows.
Eliminate manual steps with built-in automation and triggers to execute action in other systems, write data back to another system, or any other action you want to automate.

Low-and pro-code app development tools.

Build sophisticated apps with low-code tools.

Create bespoke apps with your own design elements, custom actions, and advanced interactivity using Domo’s App Studio.

Use pre-built design themes that you can edit with your own colors, logos, and fonts.

Drag and drop charts, buttons, and visual elements onto a canvas.

Build in interactions like linking to other content or web pages or triggering a Domo Workflow.


Build apps on Domo’s developer platform.

If you’re a pro coder, you can build your own apps using Domo’s App Dev Framework, specifically designed for experienced coders to create advanced apps.

Use Domo’s foundational data connections and data governance to build apps faster.

Use the front-end frameworks and development languages you're familiar with.

Take advantage of APIs and SDKs along with an app database and app admin tools to develop efficiently.


Integrate Domo Workflows for more powerful apps.

Optimize your business processes with automation.

Integrate data across any business systems to streamline processes.

Orchestrate business processes by defining what actions should occur and when.

Move faster by implementing automation to replace manual work.


Find apps in Domo’s Appstore.

Join the community of app builders who share their apps on the Appstore, or simply browse other colleagues’ apps to find one that suits your needs.

Monetize your apps

by making them available on the Appstore.

Benefit from your peers’ work

by using apps created by them.

Find apps built by Domo

that are bestsellers in the Appstore.


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