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As an IT administrator, it’s your job to ensure all systems are performing efficiently and securely, and that data is accessible to those who need it, when they need it. Too often, however, systems are cumbersome and timely to integrate, don’t deliver adequate access to business users, or are difficult for non-technical users to navigate.

Domo enables IT to connect to data, deliver insights, and maintain IT data governance—and it does it all in real-time.

Why IT administrators love Domo:

Easy integration: Domo integrates seamlessly with your on-premise data systems, and provides hundreds of native connectors to 3rd market applications—more than any other vendor in the industry.

Better governance: Domo gives admins better oversight with the ability to monitor and track usage while providing visibility into systems and data sharing. Extensive, real-time alerts allow admins to keep on top of metrics and take action immediately.

Enable self-service: Domo enables IT to deliver real-time data to business users, empowering teams to build actionable data visualizations, create powerful business apps, run self-service analytics, and find answers to their own questions—all while maintaining control of the data set.

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Domo helps businesses of all sizes, in every industry:

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