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Domo + Shopify

Optimize retail operations and maximize revenue

Today’s retailer has a wealth of transactional, customer, inventory, and operational data available to them at their fingertips. But how can they harness the power of that valuable information to drive purchases and boost sales volume without sacrificing customer satisfaction?

With Domo and Shopify, we connect and unify all your Shopify information with your disparate data from other sources, no matter where it lives, to provide you with a holistic view and deeper understanding of your shopper experience and retail operations. Make smarter decisions, refine your business strategies with confidence, and fuel long-term profitable growth—all while keeping your customers at the center of it all.

Efficient data management, advanced technologies such as AI and automation, and intuitive analytics are key to influencing your business. With Domo + Shopify—your data becomes more powerful.

Uplevel your omnichannel strategy with frictionless shopping experiences

Seamlessly integrate all your retail systems, regardless of format, for a consistent shopping experience across your online, in-store, and app channels. Domo + Shopify breaks down silos, improves data quality, and protects customer information while also integrating all your data to inform your omnichannel strategy so you can:

  • Surface key insights like customer behaviors to deliver more personalized experiences to ignite their desire to buy—boosting your sales.
  • Identify patterns that minimize churn, build brand loyalty, and create customers for life.
  • Mitigate inventory disruptions, anticipate delivery delays, and make decisions even faster.

Ask your data anything and automate with AI

AI, LLM, GPT—what’s next? Retailers have enough acronyms to worry about in their own business such as CoCS, DAVP, and EPoS. Leaders know that AI and automation are here to stay, but they are only as good as the data they’re powered by. With Domo + Shopify, rest assured that your data foundation is as robust as possible, enabling you to ask your data anything—yes, anything.

With the power of your retail data + Domo.AI, you can:

  • Gain better visibility into price, supply, and customer demand to reduce errors, drive inventory optimization, and accelerate data-driven decision-making.
  • Get an actionable pulse on future outcomes by identifying key trends and buying patterns using predictive insights.
  • Maximize your staffing levels with AI and ML-powered solutions using historical data and intelligent predictions.
  • Foster trust by better safeguarding customer data with a secure environment for sensitive information.

Get an actionable pulse on business health with dynamic reports

Your business’s financial health, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction are dependent on the KPIs that you prioritize and monitor. With Domo + Shopify, your systems are connected and speak to each other to tell a holistic story. You already know that sales performance, profitability, inventory management, customer metrics, and more influence one another, and now you can visualize how with Domo’s interactive, customizable reports. Empower smart, relevant decisions with Domo + Shopify.

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