Domo and CDOTrends Asia present

Cracking the Business Transformation Code

Solving the mystery of successful transformation.
24 January 2019
Marina Mandarin Singapore

Business transformation is like a great detective novel. It begins with a mystery to be solved using data clues across the organization. The lead character is often the digital leader - the digital “detective” – who needs to investigate, explore and use a combination of intuition and logic to create a digital journey.

No two organizations are exactly the same; so, it makes perfect sense that every business transformation journey should be unique. To take right steps forward, digital leaders need to gain an intimate understanding what the business DNA: the needs, goals and process gaps. It allows them to identify gaps, areas for improvements and the right technologies to invest in.

This half-day conference shows how businesses leaders can thrive in an increasingly digital world. Expert speakers from both user and vendor communities will discuss best practices, strategies, and solution that helped forward-looking companies to become agile and remain competitive.

8:30 AM

Registration and Refreshments

9:00 AM

Welcome Address

Winston Thomas, Editor-in-Chief, CDOTrends

9:10 AM

Keynote Address

The Digital Detective Goes to Work

The ideal scenario around data in a company is that information is pulled from everywhere, integrated with everything, and connected to everyone who matters and makes decisions. But most organizations are unable to accomplish this because data exists in different applications, in different formats, across geographies and users.

This session will address:

  • What the roadblocks are in connecting disparate parts of a business together into a seamless whole.
  • How technology and process innovation can fundamentally change the way a company does business by removing data bottlenecks.
  • The importance of real-time data to the agility and responsiveness of a business.

Kevin McIsaac, Business Value Consultant, Domo

9:40 AM

Fireside Chat

Connecting the Missing Links Throughout the Business

In the new data democracy, many users throughout an organization have unprecedented access to data and metrics that were simply not available before. Additionally, this data and insights are available on demand and in near-real time, as opposed to having to request days or even weeks in advance. How does this benefit an organization in tangible terms, and what are some of the novel ways in which this glut of data can be profitably deployed?

This session will address:

  • Which specific business functions are being empowered by data being made widely available to them, and the way in which they are using it.
  • How to measure the “ROI” on a data-driven, well-connected business; is it even necessary to think in terms of measurable “ROI” on enabling data dissemination?

Ajay Sunder, Vice President, Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan

10:10 AM

Morning Refreshments and Networking

10:50 AM

Industry Business Session

A Vision: Case Precedents On Solving the Mystery

A leading MNC had started with the marketing stack, and soon came to integrate Domo into every aspect of the business. By eliminating many of the intermediate steps that led to reporting layers and delays, the organization was able to shorten the cycles between an alert and an action, handing over the business to the line-of-business staff from near-constant IT involvement.

This session will address:

  • How a large organization can benefit in direct and indirect ways by cutting down on information “middlemen” whose sole purpose is to convey information.
  • The outcome of tightly integrating IT, marketing and management so that data flows freely between the three.

Winston Thomas, Editor-in-Chief, CDOTrends

Juliana Chua, Head of Digital Transformation Program Office, NTUC Income

11:20 AM

Case Study

Driving Digital Transformation and Agility: Surviving in a *VUCA World

In an everchanging world, traditional business models are struggling to survive. Being agile and driving digital transformation is the key to thrive in the current environment. Additionally, what else do these orgs need to do to leverage tonnes of data being generated to reach to the next level, since all industries are going through a fundamental rethink of their models as capital becomes scarce and scale becomes important.

This session will address how these digitally enabled business models need organizations to transform internally and “Think” Agile. In addition, driving digital with customers’ needs a completely different mentality, key items being:

  • Driving quantifiable value and ROI for digital to emerge from being a dream to a reality
  • "A single Org cannot do all": Looking at partner ecosystem to maximize value
  • Criticality of Change Management as a driver in this cultural change

Praveen Kumar Lala, Senior Services Director - APAC & India, GE Digital

*Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity

11:50 AM

Executive Discussion

The Curious Case of The Missing Data Scientist and The Invisible IT Department

There is a famous saying that goes: “Good Design is Invisible”. The meaning, of course, being that the best sort of design seems so natural, effortless and easy on the eyes that it is inconspicuous. In a similar way, the ideal technology teams or systems keep the business running like clockwork without making their presence felt. Similarly, in the ideal environment, every employee becomes a data scientist: no specialized technical skills are needed to play with data. Is this the dream of the future enterprise, and what is needed to achieve it?

Ajay Sunder, Vice President, Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan

Michelle Loke, Head Digital Services and Engagement, AXA
Suresh Neelakantan, Director, Digital Transformation - Business Transformation, Bank of Singapore
Praveen Kumar Lala, Senior Services Director - APAC & India, GE Digital
Adam Cordner, Senior Solutions Consultant, Domo

12:30 PM

Networking Business Lunch