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Digital transformation has become a top priority for many organizations, and for good reason. Getting meaningful data insights at every level can increase efficiency, save money, save time, and improve your bottom line.

However, businesses are struggling to find meaningful data insights in increasingly competitive markets with constantly emerging technologies, trends, and expectations. But many are going about it the wrong way. In fact, statistics say that 84% of organizations will fail at digital transformation.

Successful digital transformation isn’t just about the technology. Technology alone cannot drive change. It’s about getting actionable data into the hands of everyone in the company at the right time, so they can use it to make better decisions. Successful transformation is as much about changing mindsets and culture as it is providing your people with the tools to make it happen.

Digital—and cultural—transformation doesn’t have to be difficult. Domo connects all your people, data, and systems in one place with over 500 native data connectors, integrated collaboration tools, and -time data in the hands of everyone to foster a more agile, collaborative, data-centric culture, and enables data-driven decisions at every level.

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22 January 2019
Marina Mandarin Singapore

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24 January 2019
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